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The city of Atlantis is actually part of the last remaining colony of a people who called themselves ‘Asgardians’. They originally come from a world called Asgard located 65 light years from the Sol ( Earth ) system. It is the capital of the kingdom of Atlantea.   Atlantis is actually located in the North Atlantic region, South-Southeast off the coast of NewFoundland near the island nation of Latveria.   The world at large has no knowledge that Atlantis actually exists.




Some time in the distant past, an intergalactic war broke out between the Kryptonians, the Asgardians, and the Thanagarians. The Oans were initially neutral in the conflict, but when the violence spread to less technologically developed worlds, they deployed their Green Lantern Corps to support the Alliance in halting the Kryptonian expansion.   The war was devastating, in the end the Kryptonians were stopped, but only after the Thanagarian home world of Tharangar was conquered, the world of Asgard was destroyed, many of the Kryptonian colonies were either cut off from Krypton or destroyed and many of the Green Lantern Corps perished.   The survivors of Asgard, retreated to the last surviving colony of Atlantis. Generations of war have driven much of the population toward a xenophobic mindset. This has been reflected in avoiding contact with humans if they can help it.   After numerous generations, the Asgardians - who now refer to themselves as 'Atlanteans' - have developed a way to breathe underwater. Atlantean Scientists currently believe that over time, all Atlanteans will have such an ability as evolution takes its course.   Their current ruler, Orin the All-Father, rules Atlantis with a firm but fair hand. In recent years, Atlantis has been embroiled in a disastrous ‘Cold War’ against Kryptonian incursion and against various human global terrorist organizations such as the Hammer Empire, AIM, and Cobra.


The area around Atlantis is rolling undersea hills that to the foot of the continental shelf rise for North America. To the Southeast of the city are thick forests of kelp and seagrass that are home to two large blooms of Lionsmane and at least one heard of the colorful Breador Sea Dragon.   On the flatlands to the due south of the city is the wide range of farmland that provides much of the kelp, vegetables and other produce for Atlantis to use and trade.
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