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The undersea kingdom of Atlantea is the last surviving colony of people who were known as Asgardian from a star system 65 light years from the Sol ( Earth ) system.   Atlantea is the actual kingdom that the average human would recognize as the mythical "Atlantis" from legend. Only in reality, Atlantis is merely the capital of Atlantea.   The kingdom is located in the North Atlantic region, South-Southeast off the coast of NewFoundland near the island nation of Latveria just off the North American continental shelf.


Atlantea as an organization didn't actually exist until the original Asgardian colonists formed a sister settlement to Atlantis that was named Neresia. At that time, it because clear that an overall organizational structure was needed to help allocate resources and work with their homeworld of Asgard.   Then the war with the Kryptonians came and contact with Asgard, with other colonies, became sporadic and dire. Eventually this resulted in no contact at all.   With no interstellar transports of their own, the colonists on Earth feared the worst. Sinking their two colonies of Atlantis and Neresia, they rebuild their lives under the Atlantic Ocean. Their fears were confirmed when a single battered transport arrived from Asgard with the last survivors, along with two members of the royal family. That was when the simple organization that helped day to day life between two fledgling colonies, became a government in exile.   Today, Atlantea still tries to remain hidden from the world, though scientific advancements by humans make that harder every year, as does expansion of the Atlantean population.  


  Atlantea is comprised of 'districts' which are each semi-independent states. Each district has its own ruler, senatorial council and military. But they all pay allegiance to the throne of Atlantea.   There are seven districts, spread across the North Atlantic on either side of the Mid-Atlantic Rift. They are:  


  • Atlantic Ocean
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