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Atomic Shield

The Atomic Shield is a unique item fashioned from the pieces and core of the original Atomic Hammer used by Thunderstrike. A blend of Atlantean science with advanced metallurgy from Matumaini, the shield is a marvel of modern science.
When active, the shield expands out from a bracer to form a concave disc shield 30 inches ( 76 cm ) across. The outer surface of the shield, when deployed, has a light ocean-green tint to the microscales. In the center is the crest of the ruling family of Atlantean, the ‘A’.
If not in use, the shield retracts into a gauntlet worn on the user’s right or left wrist. Deploying the shield takes an Automatic Action for that Phase.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Game Mechanics

Body:9, EV: 3 ( EV 6 w/Martial Arts), R# 2


  • Gliding:2
  • Energy Absorption (Kinetic): 7
  • Power Bonus and Limitations
  • Energy Absorption (Kinetic) is used to resist and reduce APs of Knockback and Falling Damage. Requires an Automatic Action for the user to brace themselves before use. User cannot use the shield in any other way in the same Phase they are using Energy Absorption (Kinetic).
  • Gliding Limitation: APs only add to throwing range.
  • Misc Limitation: If shield is more than 5 APs away from an active Star Chip, it cannot be changed between "expanded" and "contracted" states.
  • Item type
    12 lbs (5.44 kg)
    30 inches ( 76 cm ) across when active
    Base Price
    Not for Sale
    Raw materials & Components
    The shield was fashioned from titanium and admantium shards combined with Matumaini Eisenite powder into an alloy.


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