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Matumaini is technically the second largest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the oldest at 14,000 years old, and is hidden from the outside world. Even to the rest of the DRC. Yet, Matumaini boasts a populace to rival most modern cities around the globe and their technology surpasses them.   Located north of Mount Stanley in the Rwenzori mountains, Matumaini is home to several species. But the primary inhabitants are a subspecies of gorilla that due to unusual circumstances, developed the ability of speech and even some meta-powers.   This hyper-evolution wasn't without its struggles. Friction developed between this offshoot of mountain gorilla and nearby human tribes. Making the situation worse was off-world refugees looking to find a new home away from a devastated homeworld.   In the end, it was Numarini the Wise - a gorilla scholar and monk - that brokered the peace that founded the current city of Matunaini and its varied districts. Her counsel and philosophy also set the groundwork for the amazing scientific discoveries that keep the city hidden and protected from the outside world.   To this day, inhabitants take the secrecy of their location very seriously. Only a handful of Matumaini natives threaten the secrecy and peace of the city. The majority are intent to maintain the peace, given the chaos of the outside world.    

Matuaini Districts


Notable Figures of Matuaini

  Grodd, Solovar, Nnamdi, and Montague.


  Matumaini is a city, and country, of many cultures brought together for common defense against outside aggressors. Some, such as the Alpha Hybrids aka "Ne'mon" are looking to escape the confines of Infinity Inc. Others, such as the Kwatarini originally arrived to escape persecution by the Kryptonian Union.


While they do have a monarch, the ruling government is a constitutional monarchy. Though the monarch presides over the 'Upper House' known as the 'Elder Court'. The other legislative branch is the 'Gathering Court' which is made up of elected representatives from various districts around the city.   The judicial branch, the Lawkeepers, handles matters of law, including that which may involve the current monarch.
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Gorilla City, "City of Hope"
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Matumaini and the Superspeedster Equation

  One exception to their secrecy is that of the small handful of meta or mutants in the world that possess the ultra-rare ability known as 'superspeed'. It's unknown why beings with this ability are drawn to Matumaini, but local scientists believe it is connected to the technology they employ. It utilizes magnetics and quantum manipulation that superspeedsters sense through their own connection to similar energy forces.   To date, only The Flash and Silverwing are semi-regular - and welcome - visitors to Matumaini.

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