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Chapter 22: Stalked in the Jungles of Madness

Greetings True Believers!   What a rumble! In that mighty jungle, the lion's sure not going to sleep tonight after that! But most of those Hammer Empire troops are sure taking a nap.   So, before our heroes could say "a-weema-weh", stern-faced rangers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo swoop in and take over on the entire situation. But ... they don't seem to bat an eyelash at Captain Fel and his thanagarian nature. In fact, they are quite respectful as they offer bottle water and bandages. Meanwhile, the Hammer Empire prisoners are hauled off in an armored truck to the West, away from Matumaini.   Not long after, our heroes are escorted back to Matumaini by the "rangers" who are some of the city's security forces in disguise!   Now, after a quick debriefing to let Solovar know what happened, then a few hours rest and recovery, our heroes are safe and sound on Solovar's family estate. But after the rest and meals ... on waking the next morning, they face still more questions than answers.   Why were the Hammer Empire troopers carrying disguised Kryptonian technology?   What is the connection between the Von Brandenburgs, the albino metahumans, and the rest of what's going on?   But the disguised tech is a clue, so is the fact that the albinos vanished behind the gate to the Von Brandenburg estate. But what ... along with golden sand scarabs, ancient alien rings, stargates, and a quantum bell ... does it all add up to?   I tell you, True Believers, right now it all adds up to yet another exciting moment for our heroes! This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


The Trenchcoat Brigade

Guest Starring


Sahara! Captain Fel Kur'Talak! and Loki!



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