Loki Orinson

Prince of Atlantea, God of Mischief, God of Stories, God of Shenanigans

Loki Orinson

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Loki Orinson, Prince of Atlantea, is not actually Atlantean.


(Which would explain the extra effort he has always had to put into navigation when deep underwater.)


He was adopted as an infant by Queen Mera of Atlantea, and of course by Orin the King Under the Sea as well. They gave him a traditional atlantean name, handed down from a distant ancestor who also was adopted.


Loki Orinson joined the Knights Vigilant on invitation. Why not? They did invite him. They are heroes. They fight nobly in battle, always watchful lest innocents be endangered. They feast together upon the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet on Thursday nights which are "Hero Night" at Darren's Pizza.


They are a much, much better Supergroup than those destructive sneaks which Loki's older brother Thunderstrike has chosen!


Family Ties

  • Orin the "All-Father", King Under the Sea, King of Atlantea, is Loki's father (adopted).
  • Mera the "Cloud-Spinner", Queen Under the Sea, Queen of Atlantea, is Loki's mother (adopted).
  • Thunderstrike, Prince of Atlantea, is Loki's gloss-for-brains older brother (adopted).
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince of Atlantea, Sorcerer, God of Michief, God of Stories
Current Residence
dark brown, curly
6'3.5" or 192cm
215 lbs / 97.5 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Our version of Loki has the delight and complexity of Tom Hiddleston's portrayal from the MCU movies, plus the boyish charm and sneaky-paladin demeanor of Christopher Reeve on the original Muppet Show. He straight up would flirt with Miss Piggy. And with Gonzo. And with the camera. Any creature that looks upon him with affection, really.


Author's Notes

It's amazing how much Loki looks like a late Midgardian named Christopher Reeve. Maybe it's something about that flash of glee we see in the eyes?

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