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After Atlantis has been established for some years, a group of craftsfolk relocated to an island due east of Atlantis that was rich in mangroves and other raw materials. They dubbed this new settlement, Neresia. When the decision was made to sink the settlements to hide the Asgardian refugees and begin their new lives as "Atlanteans", Neresia became the central leader in botanical engineering.

Industry & Trade

Neresia is like any other modern city with work offered in many trades from finance to trade skills. But the primary jobs found in the area are of a botanical and agricultural nature.   After the Sinking, Neresia became the "bread basket" for the young country of Atlantea. Understanding the underwater ecology of their new home was paramount for many reasons, with food production being high on that list.   In the current day, Neresia is the center of agricultural research into underwater farming, development of new hybrid underwater plant species that could benefit the local ecology, and a thriving textile industry.   Primary exports from Neresia are seagrass cloth, blue mangroves, and a local produced steel known as Neresian steel.
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