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Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe: Chapter 5: High Tidings



Here it is! It all comes down to this. The Battle Royale that will decide the fate of Don Blake and Thunderstrike ... perhaps even the fate of Atlantea and its people!


Don Blake from an alternate Earth - self-named 'Multiplex' - in a surprise attack, he and his allies took down the Atlantean defenses. Queen Mera and the Atlantean Protectorate Guards charged in and cut off the villain's access to the city.


The arrival of the Wyldfire team broke the deadlock.


Captain America and Gravitar headed deeper into Atlantis, cutting off Devanna Hawke as she attempted to let in reinforcements: AIM!


Using Atlantean skinsuits, Feral, Blackjack, and their daughter Savannah slipped aboard a submersible that wasn't Atlantean design. It was, in fact, Dr. Grundy's! They quickly subdued the crew, then set to either wrecking or taking over the craft. Unfortunately, they discover that Dr. Grundy has been taking detailed scans of the hidden city of Atlantis and transmitting them up to the surface!


Not far away, a desperate fight takes place. Queen Mera has been wounded by Multiplex but was stopped by Thunderstrike before he could finish her off! Now - while lost memories of his past return in painful flashes - Thunderstrike fights to save his mother, Queen Mera, and his childhood home of Atlantis!


Outside, as the Atlantean troops struggled against Dr. Grundy's assault androids, Amythyst takes aim at his rival from his own Earth - Dr. Solomon Grundy! The mad scientist, backed by one of the infamous Kryptonian red rings, takes hit after hit from Amythyst. The latest dislodged the doctor's underwater breathing mask!


Inside the Atlantean shuttle, Medkit - mind clouded by the mental powers of Red Siren - is mistakenly rescuing Dr. Grundy from Amythyst, believing the doctor is Medkit's father, lost in the dimensional folds of the multiverse!


Can the heroes stop Multiplex and his allies from completing their nefarious plans to gain access to Don Blake and Atlantis itself? If they do, what does this mean for Atlantis? Will the fight below the waves, the transmissions from Dr. Grundy's submersible, all mean that the world will now know that the Atlanteans - the last refuge and descendants of the ancient Asgardian people from another world - exist?


It's winner take all and no room for second place, True Believers!

This is Not Stan Lee saying ...




Caught in a desperate fight in Atlantis, the Wyldfire team must confront the combined forces of Devanna Hawke , Multiplex, Red Siren, and Dr. Solomon Grundy.


Meanwhile, will Wyldfire discover what Dr. Grundy's submersible was scanning in Atlantis. Even more mysterious, where was the signal going to?


Will Amethyst stop Grundy and recover the man's Kyrptonian rings?


How will Dr Reynolds resolve the issue of Red Siren, a murderous sibling from an alternate Earth?


Will the heroes find out what Multiplex - aka mirror Earth Dr. Don Blake - was actually planning? If so, will they be able to stop it from happening?



The Wyldfire team:

  • Feral
  • Thunderstrike and his alter-ego Don Blake.
  • Amythyst
  • "Medkit" otherwise known as Dr. Steven Reynolds.
  • Blackjack
  • The Living Legend, Captain America
  • Gravitar, master of gravametric forces
  • and last...  
  • Grimalkin, otherwise known as Savannah Paxton: the young daughter of Feral and Blackjack from an alternate Earth, who was orphaned before arriving here.

  • Allies

    Queen Mera, ruler of Atlantea and mother to Thunderstrike, Loki Orinson ... and technically ... Don Blake?


    Valdir, head of the Atlantean Royal Guard


    Brodir, sometimes known by his human-passing identity of "David Ironhorse", an Asgardian/Atlantian metahuman from another Earth where he is the brother of Queen Mera therefore uncle to Princesses Loki and Thundarr


    Professor Don Blake, aka "Multiplex". A 'Don Blake' from an alternate Earth, who in fact just might not be human at all! He might be one of the infamous "Omegas" from Infinity Inc ... or could he be one of the mysterious Shogamorphs?   Dr. Solomon Grundy. An amoral scientist with a "12th level intellect", perhaps one of the most gifted scientists across the multiverse!   Red Siren. Mysterious and powerful mentalist who is an alternate Earth's twisted version of Medkit's sister!   Devanna Hawke. One of the top five weapons and combat experts in the world. A mercenary with few restrictions to the jobs she takes provided it pays well, and there is a challenge to her formidable skillset.
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    Mar 6, 2020 15:32 by Amy Winters-Voss

    I know these are game summaries - but they are so fun because they read like a comic. :D I hope the heroes can save Atlantea!

    Author of the Liminal Chronicles urban fantasy series | Author Website
    Mar 6, 2020 16:07 by C. B. Ash

    Thank you! I think they hope they can save it, too!   And the summary? That's a summary AND what I'll read to the players when the session starts with some background music in my best "Radio Play Announcer" voice! EXCELSIOR!

    Mar 6, 2020 16:28 by Amy Winters-Voss

    Awesome! I wish I could hear you read it!

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    Mar 6, 2020 16:49 by C. B. Ash

    LOL! Sometime I think I'll have to nerve myself up to record them.