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Tafey Anne Sinjin-Gironde

Doctor Tafey Anne Sinjin-Gironde (a.k.a. Dr. Tafey)

Named for her aunt Tafadzwa and grandmother Anisha, Tafey Anne Sinjin grew up in a discovery-oriented family tradition of scholarship. The rule in family gatherings was always that once a family member has discovered something new, has added to humanity's understanding of the reality in which we all live, that is when a place is set for this family member at the main table. Everyone else -- including spouses who are "mere salesmen" or "glorified clerks" -- gets relegated to the card tables set up in the bonus room.


This is certainly not the recipe for family harmony.


Tafey Anne became a biophysicist partly out of self-defense: none of her older relatives could argue that her published papers were about topics which someone else already knew, because the biologists looked at their subject matter differently and the physicists were not used to looking at their processes on a cellular scale. She talked a cousin-in-law, the family patriarch's favorite grandchild's spouse, into collaborating on Tafey Anne's paper as her official zoological illustrator, which gave that spouse official legitimacy according to the Sinjin family code; that cemented Tafey Anne's own position as an official Valid Adult.


Her first marriage (to Stan Rivers of Central City) came apart after less than a year, but left Tafey Anne with the apple of her eye: her daughter, Mirabelle Sinjin, a mutant girl with the sleek gray coat and feline features similar to a Korat housecat from Thailand. Stan moved back to Triplet City after the divorce. So long as he stayed out of Tafey Anne's notice, she promised not to tell every person listed in his high school yearbook the real reason she divorced him. (Stan had embezzled money from his childhood Scout campground, and when she found out, Tafey replaced all of it anonymously.) As far as Tafey knows, he lived a perfectly content life until he passed away in his late thirties.


Tafey Anne met a psychiatrist named Jean-Claude at a company party. They both were trying to dodge the attention of the sales manager who was officially hosting. They bonded over their dislike of gladhanding and over both being saddled with two-part names. She offered to always call him "Jean" and in return he promised that she would always be "Tafey" to him. It wasn't until a month later that either one realized she was the star employee at one of his business properties.


Family Ties


Jean-Claude Gironde

spouse (Vital)

Towards Tafey Anne Sinjin-Gironde



Tafey Anne Sinjin-Gironde

spouse (Vital)

Towards Jean-Claude Gironde



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formerly ash brown, now more gray than brown
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