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Welcome to Murder World!

Welcome to Murder World, where the secrets are plenty, alliances are fleeting, and the key to victory might be rewriting the rules of the game. Who will survive?
At the opening of this session:
  • The hologram emitter has emitted a small burst of fireworks. When they cleared, it had shut down and sealed itself up.
  • All noncombatants have been treated for injuries. One conference attendee is anxious because he has a limited supply of his necessary medication for his kidney disease. One of the college-age ushers is a young Chinese-American lady who is minimally verbal. Her boyfriend, another of the ushers, says that is normal for Cecie and that she has social anxiety.
  • Bitsy Klein, event manager for the Connecticut Conference Center, is trying to put everyone who has camping experience or rough field work experience into one group, to start dealing with immediate survival needs, while the heroes figure out 1) WHERE ARE WE?!? and 2) HOW DO WE GET HOME??? Very few of the scientists have applicable experience. A couple volunteer with Doctors Without Borders so they can treat emergencies in rough conditions. The "chauffeurs" are more likely to have relevant skills.
  • You have about 200 people in your "kidnapped citizens" group. None of the catering staff from the event.
  • You have 16 prisoners.
  • Among all the heroes, one of you is definitely serum-free and one of you is probably serum-free.
  • You have no phone signal. You have no idea what day it is. You are hungry. You have maybe as much as five hours until sundown.
  • Metropolis Rogues member "Jaqstones" is staring at the ground just past the edge of the metal plates. She is unhappy. She would feel better if someone bothered her so she would have an excuse to punch them.


Getting Warmed Up

Let the party fiddle around for a while. I'm sure everyone has plans for how they're going to deal with this situation. Right?
Clouds sit low in the area right now. The sunny gap around the protagonists is decreasing as a raincloud trudges in from the north-northwest.
Jaqstones is unhappy because there is something very wrong with the ground. No, she can't get specific. But, since he's asking, she wants Silverwing to make damned sure Bleach Boy over yonder doesn't do that pile-driver thing.
Someone surely will go scouting. I need a map. How about Nomanisan Island?
Two "volcanoes", not previously visible due to clouds; the tall one is the observation platform, the lower one is the best access to the machinery that handles the underside of this island.
Note particularly thick forested area visible on left side. Hunts often start there.
Let's say the party started out on the rolling hills of Nomanisan South, so there's plenty of confusing detail to explore in every direction except straight south (where, once you pass the southern beach, there's only ocean). The dropoff from beach into the water is almost immediately straight down to unknown depths, which may serve as the first clue that this is not a real island (or island group, as may be). Exploration best happen in some kind of efficient manner, and with an eye toward where to build a quick temporary shelter, because everyone is about to get wet.
They've all seen Gilligan's Island, in fact some of these men joked about making radios out of coconuts in a previous adventure, so let's see what they come up with here!
If anyone figures out how to receive radio broadcast, they may pick up on a signal that has to be coming from between them and the horizon. Mirabelle Sinjin is repeating 9 numbers (her SSN) and then 20 numbers (the emergency security code for the front gate on the school) in the hope that this coded message will only identify her to exactly the right people. She is not far from the village to the far northwest.
Rán and Carcharo are out there somewhere, thwarted by the rain, hoping for an early chance at the heroes. Rán is particularly ready to get punchy with the Son of Orin. Carcharo just wants to thrash a bunch of somebodies.
Most of this particular session will be about looking for information about their situation, making plans, and getting a feeling of the scope of trouble. I will go along with anything the players want to try so long as (1) they have a decent description of it, (2) it does not blatantly abandon the NPCs to danger, and (3) it respects the dangers posed by the bad guys.
When it's time to wrap up the session: sound the siren, play the New Round music, turn on the special lights scattered around the island, and Arcade announces the start of an Event! Important details:
  • "bag limit" per Guest
  • People in white jumpsuits are not valid targets.
  • try looking in the lake country of the northwest
  • up for a challenge? South Central peninsula!
  • points are only awarded for properly tagged targets




Convention attendees/hostages/kidnap victims:
  • John Evans, MD
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Had a cousin named Jack who disappeared a few years back while on a DWB trip. Now part of the CCC crowd.
  • Bitsy Klein, Convention Organizer
  • Doug Miller, Palmer Tech Representative
  • Doug Miller is the head of Applied Sciences for Palmer Technologies.
  • He is not an engineer. He is not a scientist. He is a Public Relations flack. He looks like he is ready to invent a laser gun out of coconuts, using sheer determination and motivational speech to make it happen.
  • Jaqstones
  • Comanche
  • Shades
  • Callisto
  • Mazikeen


  • Arcade
  • generic Murder World Security goons
  • additional "Convention Security" and pretend "Freakshow" who turned out to be more Murder World Security goons: these are now prisoners
  • Rán
"Nomanisan Island" was the setting for about half of the original The Incredibles movie, published by Disney
No infringement is intended or implied.
A brilliant person going by the handle "Dana Bergson" in Second Life
did an excellent job of creating that fictitious island in homage, and posted images of it on the old forums here.
I was delighted to showcase these to my players as the Murder World setting for this adventure.
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