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Resurrection Protocol, Chapter 2



Welcome back!
Last time, our heroes had set out to recover a missing sample of the mysterious Lazarus Water. This elusive elixir, said to heal any wound or resurrect the dead, was in the hands of AIM. What those masters of mad science have in store for the mysterious chemical is anyone’s guess.
Our heroes had tracked AIM to the infamous Hollows in Metropolis. A sinkhole the size of several city blocks that had swallowed an entire district when the ground collapsed. There, the criminal engineers for hire set up a hidden lab complex beneath one of the abandoned buildings.
Using their wits and guile, our heroes infiltrated the lab, then uncovered where AIM has the missing Lazarus Water.
But! Things have taken a dire turn!
On the heels of their cunning plan, disaster struck. A lucky shot by an AIM Cybercommando caught Medkit and Amythyst with a paralysis field. Medkit was captured by AIM but Amythyst escaped with a little help from none other than the Golden Lotus!
Now, with a teammate captured and Golden Lotus attacking the AIM base, our heroes still have to recover, or destroy, the Lazarus Water. But, they also need to rescue Medkit before AIM decides he might be the perfect volunteer for their next experiment!
It’s a sticky situation, True Believers, and the stakes have just gotten higher!
Looks like a job for Wyldfire!

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  • Feral
  • Amythyst
  • Medikit
  • Samaritan
  • Dr. Adel Urda-Na
  • Gravitar
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    Wyldfire shut down Dr. Grimm’s mad plans to “Green” Metropolis with a little help from unusual corners. But they failed to recover the serum that started it all: a sample of the near-mythical Lazarus Water. That wound up in hand of Advanced Idea Mechanics.
    The heroes knew the morality-challenged mad scientists would try something with the liquid. They also knew they had to stop them before that could happen. But where did AIM take it?
    A lead appeared a few weeks later from the mysterious vigilante, the Shadow.
    According to him, AIM has been spending time in and around both King’s Row in Hob’s Bay and the Hollows, the neighborhood-sized sinkhole south of Hob’s Bay. The Shadow tells the team, he’ll take the King’s Row investigation, if they will tackle the Hollows.
    From what he has seen, it’s likely AIM has taken over and refurbished a half-buried office building partway to the bottom of the Hollows. That, and a trio of waterfront buildings at the edge of King’s Row, are the likely candidates. They have been hard at work experimenting on a new type of armored vests equipped with vials of slightly glowing green fluid.
    Now! After a surprise attack by an AIM Cybercommando, Medkit has been captured by AIM. The rest of the team slipped into the base to rescue him and deal with the Lazarus Water.
    But, just as they found AIM has been experimenting on the water using a particle accelerator, the unthinkable happens… an attack by the Golden Lotus while being assisted by the infamous man mountain, Kilimanjaro! A mighty meta powerhouse of rock that is rumored to work with the mysterious League of Shadows!
    All Wyldfire has to do is…
    … devise a cunning plan to deal with the attacking Golden Lotus gang members yet not blow their cover!
    … find a way to get to the Lazarus Water samples near the particle accelerator and either steal, or destroy them!
    … make their way past AIM security into the deepest levels of their lab where MedKit has been imprisoned!

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