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Active Goals for Project Resurrection Protocol

Lazarus Water MSDS Sheet
Type: Preliminary Investigation Goal, Safety Goal, Urgent
Status: Urgent. Update frequently!
I want a material safety data sheet for "Lazarus Water".
I recognize that no such document of basic sanity exists.
I want it anyhow.
We have to create it.
  • Hazardous Ingredients?
  • Probably everything right down to the isotopes of the hydroxy.
  • Physical characteristics?
  • Chemical characteristics?
    • Does it burn? at what temperature?
    • Does it sublimate into gas form easily at sea level air pressure?
    • Does it have a tendency to explode?
  • Health hazards to
    • (meta)humans?
    • (meta)kryptonians?
    • animals and vegetation?
    • soil penetration or toxic persistence?
    • I presume it qualifies for GHS Category 3: Specific target organ toxicity -- single exposure.
    • Also GHS Category 4: Acute toxicity, Dermal.
    • What about GHS Category 4: Acute toxicity, Inhalation?
    What are the ranges where detrimental effects are guaranteed?
  • How do we render it inert?
  • Does it react with cement powder in any way other than becoming "a chunk of concrete"?
  • What does it look like to human eyes, kryptonian eyes, and feline eyes? Does it have a distinctive odor? What is its pH? If we are going to prepare some placebos to swap in, what apparent effects do they need to demonstrate to not be proven fraudulent in the first four seconds? can we do it with vials of plot-fluid-colored grapefruit juice?