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Active - continued from Specter of Peace and/or AIMing to Misbehave

Wyldfire has tried to tidy up most of our assigned Project Goals. We developed a few that are still ongoing.
Identify Instigator #2
Type: Secondary Objective
Status: Active
  Included in original objective list from October 17th, 2009  

If Oscorp is actually operating a new “super soldier” project, who is the secret buyer?


This is actually a two-part assignment!


1a) Confirm that Oscorp is doing a military metahuman processing project.


1b) Find definitive proof of what's really going on instead, because while we cannot prove a negative, we CAN prove an alternative.


2a) Identify buyer/funder/commissioner of military metahuman enhancement process.


2b) Check to see if there's more than one!

Party Notes:

Part one is mostly resolved. We recovered the missing ooze victims. We recovered direct evidence of further experimentation. We recovered indirect evidence in the form of the Protector Project, several of whom we encountered in a hostile mood.


We still do not know who "Fred" is, nor why it is important advice among Oscorp employees to

Don't be Fred
. That may prove to be a separate Secondary Objective during a future Project, as we have mostly moved away from Oscorp during our continuing investigation.


Part two is less than halfway completed. We have indications that the "secret buyer" was al Ghul. We have no compelling reason to believe that significant parts of Grimm's project were not duplicated and resold to other clients. We must continue to look into that possibility, since al Ghul certainly will have considered it. He may have made arrangements to warn him if rivals acquired parts, and if so what parts they accessed. Would he have checked specifically on the Society of Rao? Does he know of their recent activity?

Type: Secondary Objective
Status: Active
  This objective developed during the active phase of the Project. It may increase or decrease in priority level as our investigation continues.   This "moss" may not in fact be moss.   It's weird.   It is a hybrid comprised of several tiny plants, one of which is Ghost Orchid.   It moves around at superspeed rates.  
Party Notes:
  Update: Grimm's notes refer to "uplifting the moss".   Thanksgiving Update: Problem turned over to the Science Team:
  • Dr. Beast
  • Samaritan
  • Amythyst
  • Dr. A, supervising
Meeting Crashers
Type: Secondary Objective
Status: Active
  Find evidence -- ideally not circumstantial, but direct evidence -- as to who transported the missing ooze patients.   Try very hard to do this without leaving any trace evidence ourselves!  
Party Notes:
  We believe that this was arranged by al Ghul, or possibly by the Society of Rao, but we continue to lack direct evidence.
Mon, Feb 20th 2023 07:39

Leopardworks Savanna Ltd
Type: Tertiary Objective
Status: Active
  Apparently they provide the moss for the experiments. Need to determine if they are part of the problem or just providing goods for money  
Party Notes:
  Leopardworks Savanna Ltd was the name brand on some barrels in the warehouse converted into a factory with the Chroniton Generator.   This company name also came up when we were in Atlantic City. They had one of the neighboring building lots.