Tales of justice AIMing to Misbehave

AIMing to Misbehave

Life, Crime

10/11 13:00
10/11 18:00

A plea for help in rescuing a family member from the grips of a criminal organization, Advanced Idea Mechanics, draws Wyldfire into the crosshairs between a three-way tug of war!

With noted biotech scientist Dr. Adel Urda-Na at the helm, Wyldfire pursues the project to rescue Trevor Finn. He has been held hostage for months by Advanced Idea Mechanics, coercing his sister Robin to commit corporate espionage and sabotage at the Metropolis design workshop for Oscorp Industries.
Preliminary research turned up a few leads, the majority pointing to locations in northern Metropolis. Possible AIM agents have stolen resources from LexCorp and from at least one disguised Hammer Empire stash. Someone arranged to transport unusual orchids from Vibora Bay, even stranger moss from an unknown other source, and a "particle physics cannon" from the black market Mad Science Weaponry community.
Trevor Finn and another unwilling AIM Cyber-Commando, Grant Mason, go rogue to join forces with Wyldfire. They want to stop the current project of Dr. Hogan Grimm -- a renegade metabotanicist, with the remarkable career history of having been exiled from the Eureka Settlement for his unethical experiments.
A scrapyard bustles with Clockwork Moss: a clockwork robotic skeleton, made of Covatrinium, serves as scaffolding for a strange mobile moss conglomeration.
Whatever Grimm's motives are -- and they certainly include self-serving intentions to "awaken Her" -- a key factor must be the needs of the mysterious client who commissioned this AIM project.
Soon Team Luthor arrives to recover stolen LexLabs assets called "Chroniton Generators" and deliver retribution on anyone in possession of such devices. Hammer Empire Warwolves agree to an uneasy temporary truce with Wyldfire in favor of joint efforts to tear Grimm's "Re-Green Metropolis" plot.

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