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Commander Dante de Imperia (a.k.a. Maximus)

Commander Maximus is the alias of Dante de Imperia, the lone survivor of a eugenics project designed to advance the human condition to a next probable step. His name was given to him by the project lead, Dr. Josef Adelberg, who believed Dante to be a direct descendant of the Roman emperor Maximus.   Commander Maximus is tough and ruthless but is loyal to his own people in the Hammer Empire. He refuses to use labels such as "henchmen", as he feels such is demeaning to his followers and insulting to their status. Maximus considers those that work for the Hammer Empire in any capacity as 'citizens'. All others? They might have potential if given proper motivation.   Such attitudes are what drive up loyalty among the Hammer Empire personnel.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Dante has the classic 'lantern jaw' appearance that has been marred by scar tissue from the original process that granted him his longevity and abilities. His hair is kept cut short and he refuses to wear a beard. The scarring - unlike other wounds - never regenerates, giving his a dark, brooding look.

Special abilities

Maximus has an enhanced physique from super-strength to super-durability, including hyperfast regeneration. Despite the heightened strength, his nimbleness isn't beyond human normal but is on par with a well-trained athlete. His enhanced lifespan has allowed him to pursue various different avenues of study, granting him a wealth of knowledge to draw upon when needed.
Aligned Organization


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