Tales of justice Project: Quantum Leap miniseries

Project: Quantum Leap miniseries

Discovery, Exploration


Wyldfire Adventures: Another Bad Idea and Wyldfire Adventures: Noble Favors are two among the series of very short adventures run when a PC can't make it for a current in-progress adventure.

  • Project: Quantum Leap is now under a junkyard west of the Metropolis city borders. "NewTech", cover company for P:QL, requests Feral and Medkit come help whenever an exploratory team goes too far past their designated check-in time.
  • Wyldfire REALLY DISAPPROVES of the P:QL project.
  • Nobody's impressed that Wyldfire disapproves.
  • Half the problems requiring consultant entry were caused by the excessive enthusiasm of project lead General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross.
  There's also The Nesozoic Earth adventure where R'as al Ghul accidentally restored dinosaurs to the dominant ecologies, and the Earth 9 (Roman Earth) adventure featuring Captain Anasazi of the Native American Nations.

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