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Restricted Powers

Some of the powers in the MEGS ruleset are there because one system has to cover a range from Robin the Boy Wonder up through Darkseid and Mr. Mxyzptlk. We aren’t running the upper end of that range, so some of the powers listed in the book are not available in our campaign at all; others are only available up to a certain level, and one particular subset are only available to villains or NPCs.


A shorthand rule of thumb would be that any Power with a Base Cost over 150 should probably involve a careful case-by-case check with the GM first, and anything over 200 is restricted as listed below.


Nobody, Nowhere, Nohow!


The following Powers simply aren’t in the campaign at all:

  • Adaptation

  • Continuum Control

  • Dumb Luck

  • Enchantment

  • Omni-Power

  • Spirit Travel

  • Sorcery

  • Time Travel (if on purpose, as opposed to plot device caused by villain device!)

  • Two-Dimensional


Up to a Point

The following powers are allowed in our campaign, but only up to a maximum AP value:

  • Mimic 6 for PCs (see link)

  • Mind Over Matter 7. If any fight ever lasts longer than 7 phases of combat after the Character should’ve dropped unconscious from damage, it’s time to wake up in captivity.

  • Molecular Chameleon 12. Special Bonus: Needs No Material To Copy is not allowed at all *. No, you may not turn yourself into Living Promethium.

  • Recall (see link) 5 if the PC doesn’t take notes during game, 12 if the PC does take notes during game

  • Shape Change 8, and ixnay on the Special Bonus (Any Imagined Animal)

  • Split 5. One PC should never be playing two-thirds of the party.

  • Suspension 6. “And on my turn, GM, my Dice Action is to take myself out of the rest of the flippin’ adventure arc!”

  • Teleportation 15. Nobody needs to teleport more than a quarter of the circumference of the Earth in one phase.


Villains Only

Mostly we believe that Herodom and Villainy are defined by how they achieve what result, but some powers are Villain-only in our campaign:

  • Aura of Fear

  • Bomb

  • Cell Rot

  • Control

  • Disintegration

  • Mutation

  • Personality Transfer

  • Phobia

  • Vampirism

  • Voodoo (the SuperPower, not the religion)


Gadgets Only

  • Bomb (so, yes, villains and devices and that’s it)

  • Dimension Travel

  • Object Awareness above 9 APs

  • Omni-Arm. Characters with Self Manipulation don’t need it anyway.

  • Radio Communication (standard walkie-talkies and even cell phones are so cheap, we don’t even charge HP for them)

  • Remote Sensing

  • Warp (and it always has a Reliability Number of at least 5, and the GMs would prefer this stay in NPC hands only. Take Teleport instead!)


Additionally, because we’re running a low-magic, non-“Four-Color” campaign, please tend to avoid the following:

  • Animal Control

  • Animal Mimicry

  • any of the (element) Animation powers

  • Eye of the Cat

  • Force Manipulation (there's a reason we keep Green Lantern offstage)

  • Magic Blast

  • Magic Field

  • Magic Shield

  • Matter Manipulation (Actually, this probably passes at low AP levels, it’s around 6 that the GMs start looking very very carefully, as it can quickly become a game-breaker.)

  • Mystic Freeze (Honestly?! Just take Paralysis instead!)

  • Mystic Link

  • Shrinking

  • Transmutation

  • Weather Control

* ASTERISK! This rule is currently under review!


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