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The Mimic Power, part of the "physical powers" category, is used to copy other Characters’ Strength or Powers. Math is very much a factor.


First of all, the APs of the power are the total APs of time in which the Power User can borrow a Power or Strength.


Second of all, the APs of Mimic equals the total number of Mimicked things at any given time.


Third of all, after you’ve made your Mimic Action Check to see if you can copy someone’s Power or Strength, you have to calculate how many APs of the thing in question you actually got:


The APs of Mimic are the AV/EV of the attempt, of course. The APs of whatever’s getting copied are the OV/RV, also “of course”. If the result gives any positive number of RAPs, then the Mimic user receives that Power — not automatically at the original’s level — but at the Mimicker’s relevant Link Attribute, plus the RAPs achieved on the Mimic attempt you just rolled, up to a total equal to the Original’s number of APs in that power.


Not “up to the level you witnessed”, mind.


Confused yet?


Retired/redeemed mercenary Mime, currently a teacher at the Gironde School, had something like 15 APs of Mimic back when he led an attack on some vigilantes in Seattle, Washington, about nine years and change ago (in-game time). He didn’t think he was getting the short end of the stick when he first faced off against Firestar; he figured, hey awesome, I’ll Mimic the most powerful opponent’s most powerful power, and in the process ensure none of her allies will pitch in! So he Mimicked her Flame Being power, which was 12. Flame Being’s Link Attribute is Strength.


Mime rolls his Mimic Action Check, using his 15/15 versus her 12/12, regardless of whether she’d activated it or at what level of APs she wanted to use it. Even if he’d only made a 9, he’d have earned 5 RAPs; we’re pretty sure he rolled at least a 15, which means 8 RAPS added to whatever his own Strength was.


Oh. Wait. He’d previously Mimicked Trey’s powersuited Strength. A 9.


Yeah, so math-wise, Mime would’ve had two (out of an allowed 15) different Powers Mimicked, and used them together: Strength of 9, a Flame Being of {9+8=17, but he has to stop at Firestar’s 12}, and hey, he’s still got room on his list for Flight and Flame Project and….


The rest of us wanted none of that.

This is inspired by the power of the same name on page 48 in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book", modified for more balanced challenges over a decade of playtesting.

Link: Dex

Range: Normal

Type: Dice

: 50
Factor Cost: 10


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