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This is a physical power. Characters with this power can generate an explosion which starts at the point of contact touched by the character and extends out to a distance equal to APs of the Power divided by two. Any fractions should be rounded down. The character that has this power is not affected by the generated explosion. However, the character is not immune to the effects of the Bomb power if it is generated by someone else!

As stated, the result of using this power is an explosion. This is an area attack, causing full damage to anyone and anything within 0 AP, or 10 feet, of the epicenter. Each AP of distance away from the epicenter reduces the damage done by the power, or its AV/EV, by 2 APs. Note that if double 1s are rolled, then the explosion attempt fizzed due to reasons up to the Game Master.

Each character and item in the range of the explosion is "attacked" by the explosion separately.

The explosion resulting from this power is not a Multi-Attack, and so does not suffer the Column Shift penalties for Multi-Attack if there are multiple targets in the blast zone.


This may be purchased with a +1 Factor Cost Bonus of "Controllable Blast Radius". This allows the character to specify before rolling the attack, how many APs of distance, up to the power's AP rating, the explosion will reach.


Characters who possess this Power -- such as the villain Plastique who used to be active in Metropolis and New York City during the late 1990s and early 2000s -- sometimes also purchase Self-Link for it, to the dismay of many a Hero. Rather than merely cause an explosion at the point of contact, these Self-Linked Bombers may choose to explode their own body at will. The Power user's body temporarily transmutes into energy and a cloud of molecules as if they were a particularly angry form of the Dispersal Power. They do full normal damage in this explosion; Pulling a Punch or using less than full Power APs is not an option with Self-Linked Bomb.
After "exploding", the Self-Linked Bomber has at least partially discorporated; if they used more APs of Bomb than they have APs of Body, they have completely discorporated. They can choose to automatically reform their physical self at the beginning of the next phase. They might instead choose to remain discorporate for a length of time up to the equivalent value of APs as they have in Self-Linked Bomb.
For either option, the Character can perform no Dice Actions until completely reformed.
However, if indeed they did fully discorporate, they are immune to Physical Attack for however long they remain unformed.
As with any Self-Linked Power that does not include the Always On Limitation, the Power User can swap between "Self-Link Mode" and "Standard Mode" by using one Automatic Action (and telling the Gamemaster so before the attack is rolled).

This is inspired by the power of the same name on pages 43 and 73-74 in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book".

Link: Str

Range: Special

Type: Dice

Base Cost: 20
Factor Cost: 3

Power Bonus Options!

Controllable Blast Radius

+1 to Factor Cost above


see article!


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