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Pulling a Punch

Sometimes, Knockback is a highly undesirable result. Heroes try to avoid knocking their opponents off a cliff or into a vat of plot fluid; some fragile objects are supposed to be kept intact; some teammates get downright cranky when your opponent stumbles backward into them.


The Player must declare that he's Pulling His Punch before dice are rolled. The defender's RV is increased +1 Column Shift, but the Action Check is otherwise resolved normally.


If the Action Check receives any Column Shifts on the attack, the attacker may decide how many APs the defender is Knocked Back, from "not at all" to "all the APs possible by the rules". Damage itself is not changed.


Pulling a Punch may be used with any sort of attack, including those in which no actual "punch" is thrown, such as gunfire or Super Breath.


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