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A Multi-Attack is an attempt to attack more than one target in the same phase. It’s resolved with a single Dice Action. The OV of the Action Check is the highest OV among the defenders, modified by the corresponding number of Column Shifts in the handy table below. The RV of the attack is the highest RV among the defenders, also modified by the same corresponding number of Column Shifts in the handy table below.


Multi-Attack Modifiers

Quoted from page 102 of "the White Book":
DC Heroes Roleplaying Game Third Edition,
published by Mayfair Games in 1993.

Number of
Characters Attacked
Opposing Value Column Shifts
Resistance Value Column Shifts
Any RAPs earned by a Multi-Attack are suffered by all of the targets.
(The GM has been known to see that an attack doesn’t quite hit due to Too Many Targets, deduce that the PC would currently rather hit some than none, and tell the PC that he succeeded on some targets but missed others in the batch. It’s pretty silly to say Silverwing punched his way around a crowd of AIM soldiers and missed all of them.)
In hand-to-hand combat, a Character may only Multi-attack a number of opponents equal to his APs of movement, and only if the attacker has enough movement to move into striking distance of each of the targets within a single round. The only restriction upon using Multi-Attacks with Powers is that all of the targets must be within the user’s Range.
Multi-Attacks can be used with any type of attack except a Charging Attack. They can also be combined with other forms of special attacks such as Grappling Attacks, Devastating Attacks, et cetera, in which case all Column Shift bonuses and penalties are cumulative.

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