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Charging Attack

A Charging Attack is an attempt to run, fly, or leap into an opponent in order to use the velocity of the move to cause additional damage. Bullrushes, tackles, car crashes, and blitzes are all Charging Attacks.


The attacking Character must move at least 1 AP and end his movement with a hand-to-hand attack upon the opponent, thus expending both an Automatic Action and a Dice Action. The AV of a Charging Attack is equal to the attacker's Dex; the EV is equal to the attacker's APs of movement or the attacker's movement Power. The OV/RV is the defender's Dex/Body, as usual.


The problem with Charging Attacks is that they can be just as dangerous to the attacker as they are to the defender since the attacker is using his own body as a weapon. An attacker making a Charging Attack has a chance of taking damage along with the defender. After resolving the Charging Attack upon the defender, look directly at the Result Chart, using the EV of the Charge as an EV and the attacker's Body as an RV to find the amount of danger sustained by the attacker. The attacker may spend Hero Points to increase his RV against the Charging damage or to remove damage through Last Ditch Defense.


Also! If a character is using a shield or has the Skin Armor power, this will protect that character from taking damage if performing a charging attack or defending against a charging attack!


Charging Attacks can be used to damage inanimate objects. Charging Attacks may never be made in conjunction with a Multi-Attack.


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