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Devastating Attack

A Devastating Attack is an all-out attempt to overwhelm the target’s defenses. Essentially, it’s a more powerful (and difficult) version of the Critical Blow. If Thunderstrike decides to aim his hammer at the one spot where all pieces of the Zeus Class Titan connect to the CPU, the Zeus __gains 4 Column Shifts__ to its Opposing Value, because that’s a well-concealed, well-shielded, fairly tiny target location; but if Thunder Strike gets just the right spot at just the right angle, the Zeus then suffers a __6 Column Shift drop__ to its Resistance Value. And probably explodes.


Be very, very careful about using a Devastating Attack on living targets. Heroes don’t kill!


Devastating Attacks don’t count toward figuring Knockback. They can be combined with most other kinds of attacks.


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You know what would be fun? Go measure the scale of a Zeus compared to a six foot tall human. I wonder if we can find the info for that somewhere.

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