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This is a physical based power. Characters that have this power are able to move across vertical or even inverted surfaces, such as the ceiling, as if they were moving across level ground.


If the character attempts to cling to and move across a slippery surface, this is resolved via Action Check with the APs of Cling as the AV/EV and the substance difficulty from the Universal Modifiers table as the OV/RV. Some examples of surfaces that would require a check would be ice, oil-covered surfaces, grease-covered surfaces, and so on.


Characters with the Cling power can carry objects with them as they move. This is a 1 to 1 measurement with 1 AP of Cling equal to 1 AP of weight. However, the APs of Cling have to cover both the weight of the character and all objects they are carrying. Also, the total amount of weight a character with this power can carry cannot exceed their Strength.


When this power is purchased for a character, the player declares how the character is able to cling to any surface. Is it electrostatic? Is it microscopic claws?

This is inspired by the power of the same name on page44 in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book".

Link: Str

Range: Touch

Type: Auto

Base Cost: 10
Factor Cost: 2


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