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Influence (Infl) is the force of a Character's personality, his ability to affect the emotions and responses of others, and his mystical potential.
— page 8 of DC Heroes Role-Playing Game 3rd Edition, published in 1993 by Mayfair Games Inc.
Category: Mystical Attribute   Type: Action Attribute   FC: 7  
Related Skills
  • Animal Handling
  • Artist
  • Charisma


Author's Notes

In the original rules, Influence-linked Powers include mostly abilities that do not suit our campaign: Animal Control, Animal Summoning, Awareness, Dumb Luck, Magic Sense, Speak With Plants, and Weather Control. A campaign based more heavily on the Blood of Heroes revision of the MEGS ruleset is likely to feature these powers plus the Occultist skill -- and both lists may have been expanded.

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