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I.I. Executioner

Since the days of the prototype unit, Simon Arkangel has variously held dearly certain exemplars of his art collection, and among those preferred designs he designates one Executioner. Most recently, Arkangel outlined a new blueprint for his next Executioner, a Delta to be named "Sard Intarsia" whose development and implementation might still be underway.   At any time, the Executioner may be called upon by Arkangel for a command performance. All Deltas might be required to give the kind of "command performance" whereby they perform their arts on a pool of provided victims, most likely business rivals, for the Owner's aesthetic enjoyment; but only an Executioner will be ordered to perform said art on Infinity Inc employees ... for an Executioner lacks the mental programming which would seize up the entire body on any attempt to seriously harm the corporation!   Extra steps are taken in other areas, during implementation, to ensure the devoted loyalty of an Executioner to Simon Arkangel. The Delta may well despise his lot in life, but he believes that he can not willfully harm an employee until he has proper authorization to do so.   The Executioner is a member of the general Hybrid Series minion population in many respects: its brochure is among those shown by Sales to prospective clients, albeit with an especially high lease price. Its performance of Art should at all times be particularly exquisite, lest it risk falling out of Arkangel's favor. Executioners who cease to be Arkangel's current favorite are very likely to die, abruptly, before they can adjust to the loss of relative privilege and status.



To qualify as Executioner, an individual Hybrid Delta Series Minion must be
  1. control-equipped.
  2. particularly aesthetically pleasing to Simon Arkangel in form, action, and art.
  3. quick to learn and extrapolate.
  4. capable of withstanding the most intense physical and psychological testing devised by lead I. I. Trainers.
  5. exquisite in every performance, whether it is a command performance or merely work for a client.

Career Progression

The average Executioner has a four-year career in service. Remarkable ones may continue to please for up to a year after their favored status has declined, despite the loss of status, then be "archived" to Arkangel's private gallery for however many days remain in their life.
Forced Labour
ultimate villainous luxury
This profession is not legal in any country that has any laws about who is allowed to kill, and probably not legal in countries that forbid ownership of people. If a metahuman does not qualify as a "person" according to local law, then Infinity Inc and/or Simon Arkangel is probably in violation of some legal restriction against allowing their property to harm citizens.
Used By

OOC notes:
This character/profession may never appear on-screen in our campaign.
Our Genre indicates that death should be extremely rare, and mostly off-screen. An Arch-Nemesis is the planned exception, and Arch-Nemeses are one to a hero! The I.I. Executioner would not be the Arch-Nemesis of any heroic character. The Executioner exists to serve Arkangel, not to form his own goals or opinions.