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This condition is specific to employees or property of Infinity Inc. It may apply to a Hybrid Delta Series Minion or Hybrid Omega even if they are no longer in the control of their designers.
It requires that the affected Character's origin involve at least several months within Infinity Inc.


If an employee of Infinity Inc is control-equipped, that individual elected to undergo surgery that implanted a special alternate voice-box in their bodies, plus additional neural tissue custom-designed to properly control it.   If a Hybrid Delta Series Minion is control-equipped, that subject was designed with the voice-box and neural tissue as part of the original blueprint, and its design is included in the genetic surgeries conducted on the template so that any damage will be self-repairing.


A being who is "control-equipped" can choose to add a subharmonic component to their speech which triggers special neurological responses within a Hybrid Minion.

Hosts & Carriers

Fewer than one in five Hybrid Delta Series Minions have this modification included in their blueprint; fewer than one in twenty employees of Infinity Inc elect to undergo surgery, although that number includes all I. I. Trainers and is more likely to appear in higher ranks of I.I. Behavioral Design employment.


Most former employees have the modification removed when they retire.


The prevailing theory among Observers in I.I. Behavioral Design is that the implant is a genetically "cleansed" (having had all individual-specific genetic fragments removed to prevent compatibility issues) clone of an ancestor of founder and business owner Dr. Simon Arkangel.
The idea of implanting a piece of their employer into their bodies is enough reason for many otherwise ambitious employees to pass up the surgery. Yes, it would make their daily work easier. Yes, it is necessary for the highest positions within the company. No, we do not have faith in I.I. Physical Design to resist the temptation to include little "bonus modifications".
This leads to a disturbing intellectual exercise:
  • Has Dr. Arkangel had this modification performed upon himself?
  • Who would he trust to manipulate a scalpel and a genetic surgery suite on his own person?
  • Would the surgical team in question be rewarded ... or become fodder?
Extremely Rare
Affected Species