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Hybrid Delta Series Minion

Another fine Infinity Inc product!

Another fine Infinity Inc product!

Delta Hybrids are the superscience creation of villain organization "Infinity Inc", which despite its name and its literature is not actually a corporation. It is a privately owned Evil Company of Evil Superscience, with goals that might sound lofty, but the biggest impact they have on the Tales of Justice world came when they created a mutate slave army in two parts. The "Delta" part are human bases cracked at certain key weak points. Selected bits of metahuman DNA are grafted into place, after which the resultant unit is sent to Training.

A Hybrid Series Delta minion, as a generic concept, is a combination of selected metahuman DNA with a human template. They are extremely expensive products to create. Two or three individuals may be created off a single blueprint, in the drive to produce a surviving commodity. A set of connected Hybrids may also be created as interlocking pieces of a single blueprint, making the entire unit a single artwork. At an I.I. facility, the Deltas are typically housed barracks-style, two to a given cell. They are fed in a dedicated hall and have a "common area" where they have the option of spending their leisure time, but all are trained and maintained in concert with the Alphas.
(The prototype Hybrid Minion group had three Alphas, each housed in a separate cage, and one Delta. They escaped, located each other, and destroyed the facility in the process. Security analysis blamed the individual containment for this escape, rather than suggest that the whole super-powered-slaves idea was dumb.)

Deltas often have some amount of the Regeneration Power installed to increase their durability.


Delta Names


The new identity of the freshly-created Hybrid Series minion was determined before the first treatment to implant segments of DNA into the chosen human template. Typically it was chosen before the living body was acquired; Acquisitions may only have a blueprint number to go with their search parameters, but the Physical and Behavioral Design personnel attached to the project have a clear picture already of what should result from their work. The new name is part of the behavioral programming, which in turn is founded in the physical design.


Delta Hybrid names come in as many languages as do amorally brilliant scientists. All of them are art titles, as the Delta itself is artwork from Simon Arkangel's collection. Only one example exists of a single-word title, an adaptation of the Middle High German word "gîgære" meaning "fiddler". The majority of Delta titles are two words, some of them art concepts (Lamarra Lit-bu-yan, Calliope Cries) and others are Arkangel's living gemstones (Onyx Veracity, Ceylon Spinel).


Major language groups and dialects

  • gesture code custom-designed visual pidgin created by Infinity Inc employees for use by and communication to all Hybrid Minions
The templates that become a Hybrid Delta Series or Hybrid Alpha Series Minion are drawn from most populations across the world. They are not chosen for their ability to understand their potential captors. Even members of a single unit may have no common language other than the pidgin imposed by Infinity Inc.
Parent ethnicities
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