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Arkangel Archive

Simon Arkangel treasures his very unique "art collection" even when it has faded from its avante garde status. A Hybrid Minion -- particularly a Hybrid Delta Series Minion -- who serves well for five years, consistently pleasing to its owner, is rewarded for its devotion with a kind of "retirement" somewhat similar to an especially high-performing employee.
This is a status seldom granted to Hybrid Alpha Series Minions and, so far, never granted to a Hybrid Omega. Perhaps the Alphas are not artistic enough, or durable enough. Perhaps Dr. Arkangel and the late Dr. Wyndham had one too many strident arguments about Alpha design.
Arkangel gives the Hybrid a private place, far away from trouble, untraceable even to most within the company, where the living art is permitted to live out its days without unpleasant distractions from its nature. Within a tightly-controlled boundary, the Hybrid has a suitably designed residence. A Delta receives a private performance venue, precisely-landscaped outdoor recreation area that matches the Delta's theme, and luxurious spa-like facilities. Caretakers provide all the art supplies which the Hybrid desires, potentially including victims or audience, and the Hybrid is permitted to set its own schedule.
On rare occasions, Arkangel will require a command performance, but no other demands apply.
A Hybrid who survives to join the Benefactor's private art collection is likely to continue for a number of years before the damage of their time as I.I. property catches up to them.
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