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Hybrid Omega

Another fine Infinity Inc product!

Particularly versatile and expensive, the Hybrid Omega Series shows the end result of the Hybrid Minion system: proven metahuman enhancement suites, properly balanced for long-term reliable function, can be induced in a single human client as a fully realized work of Infinity Inc's art.
In fact, all Omegas have been volunteers.
In manufacturing terminology:
  • The first two Hybrid Minion blueprint sets, A-001a through A-001d plus D-001e through D-001h in the first set followed by D-002a through D-002d and A-001e through A-001h, were proofs of concept. Among those sixteen total tests, one from the first blueprint set and five from the second blueprint set survived the initial creation process long enough for the implementations to be judged "viable". Even then, only A-002g survived more than a few days; the male lynx hybrid lived two months in "training" before he abruptly ceased function.
    By that time, the Hybrid Minion Project had moved on to the next phase of product line development.
  • Blueprint sets through dash 010 were all prototypes of the Hybrid Minion project. The system continued to have vastly more nonviable results, dead by the end of implementation or within days afterward, than it had viable successes to show.
    Those successes included three Hybrid Alpha Series Minions and one Hybrid Delta Series Minion
… followed by one volunteer Pre-Production Model, a Hybrid Omega.


Major language groups and dialects

Hybrid Omegas are universally control-equipped as a core part of their design. Many opt for the additional braintape implantation of the gesture code pidgin language during their recovery from genetic surgery, but some prefer to learn independently.

Common Taboos

Hybrid Omegas do not undergo most of the proprietary braintaping meant to make the current product line comply with company directives. They receive only the first five layers: the Arkangel foundation, the "Silence!" layer, the Kill Trigger, the dormant triggers for a Unit Bond, and (after the first two Omegas proved its importance) the aversion to harming I.I. employees or noncombatants.
Hybrid Omegas do not receive the I. I. locator chip nanodevice implant, but do receive the I. I. contraceptive chip nanodevice implant.

Historical figures

The first Omega was one of the earliest I. I. Trainers. He persuaded Project Lead Dr. Wyndham of his faith in Dr. Wyndham's design and understanding. He believed in the intended end-goal of the Hybrid Minion project, to be able to craft healthy and durable support personnel for one of the Great Minds of the world -- the men destined to shape the course of history.
Trainer Phoenix assured Dr. Wyndham that he foresaw the work of Infinity Inc as a way to gently guide those who, in turn, would guide the world.
But to do so, Dr. Wyndham and the Hybrid Minion project needed more than a prototype or four. They needed a functional example of exactly what their process would do in Full Production mode. They needed "Omegas": finished models.

Dr. Wyndham lived long enough to note the increasing behavioral instability of O-012a.
Dr. Wyndham's death in 1996 transferred the position of Project Lead to Dr. Seth Asreen. Responsibility for reining in and stabilizing "the Phoenix" also transferred to Dr. Asreen, who had limited success. Dr. Asreen launched expanded facilities in Eastern Europe, a showcase facility in Laos, and a submersed base hidden on Gough Island, using Dr. Wyndham's notes but expanding on many design philosophies which Dr. Wyndham had rejected during his tenure.
In November of 1997, the Phoenix, project O-012a, had just arrived at the new Gough Island facility to assist in defining the parameters of a second Omega blueprint when Dr. Asreen and every employee at the Niagara Facility suffered a catastrophic malfunction of the prototype Hybrid Minion unit. Phoenix raced back to the facility as quickly as Infinity Inc could smuggle him. He reported all personnel lost, including resident associates of the employees. He requested assistance from other I. I. Trainers, including Trainer Rafferty, as Phoenix set out to uncover the trail of the escaped prototypes.
After a year, Dr. Arkangel withdrew resources from Phoenix's continuing hunt. He also terminated the ongoing stabilization treatments being offered to Phoenix, stating that they seemed not to be advancing the first Omega's effectiveness in fieldwork. Trainer Phoenix requested -- and received -- a standard retirement package including a replacement legal identity and modest starting funds in South America.
Shortly afterward, Trainer Rafferty also opted for retirement.
Final notes on the Hybrid Omega project regarding its first two subjects is that O-012a was terminated by the autocrat of New Latveria in December 1999, having burned through all of his funds before taking a series of increasingly risky henchman contracts. O-035d has not been observed since August 2000, but may still be alive.
Any subsequent Hybrid Omega would have to have a project number later than "dash 080". They would not have been coached by the original Omegas, or in fact have met them.

Hybrid Omegas are the superscience creation of villain organization "Infinity Inc", which despite its name and its literature is not actually a corporation. It is a privately owned Evil Company of Evil Superscience, with goals that might sound lofty, but the biggest impact they have on the Tales of Justice world came when they created a mutate slave army in two parts. Within four months of the project's first successful tests, the lead designers recognized that they would also need a mutate overseer group. Why not use this elite segment to show off their nearly-final products?

Parent ethnicities
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All that said:
  • Omegas are extraordinarily rare. Less than one percent of the entire Hybrid Minion population are Hybrid Omega.
  • Omegas are a closely-held secret even within Infinity Inc. Many employees and Hybrids believe that no Omega has been produced since mid-1999.