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The Lost World 3



Send in the clones! Oh, did it have to be ... clones?

Greetings True Believers!
Deep into the jungle, our heroes found … a strange ultra-modern building built against a rocky hillside! More dinosaurs! And … AIM!
Ah, now it's starting to make sense. Advanced Idea Mechanics. Practitioners of science burdened with a great purpose … and not so much morality! Could they be behind the prehistoric hijinks?
There are so many questions and so few answers! Who was in that holographic message? What is this 'rift room' and why is it so important? Why do all the workers in that building look the same? And who are the armor clad figures they are fighting?
But right now, what I want to know, is just where did that velociraptor on the building's first-floor balcony get the AIM heavy taser cannon?
This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


4. Outpost assault

(Music: Borne of Iron)

At the far end of chamber #3, an observation / outpost has been built. It's two story on reinforced supports.
  • One floor is occupied by either AIM ( 1-5 ) or I.I. (1-5). Whoever is not in the outpost has setup in a concealed area outside near a pack of Teleiosaurs.
  • Inside a cyberbrain ( need term ) is directing Teleio clones in armor who are fighting off whomever has set up inside.
  • First sight of heroes, all attack heroes AND each other.

Events/Objects/NPCs ( don't roll more than once every other round )

  • (1-2) ILAHEH asking for help
  • (3-4) AIM cyberspiders ( 2 x party )
  • (5-6) * Living / Crystal Statues ( 2x party )
  • (7-8) * Walking plants ( rosethorns, mushroom creepers )
  • (9-10) Steam human automatons ( 2x party )
  • Will vanish in blue smoke /watery bamf when fight is over
  • {4a} captured AIM Team

  • Won't say a lot at first. Can be convinced to talk
    • They were sent to secure the silo from whatever US agency had it, then mind wipe the agents and send them on their way. Killing them just makes more complications to deal with.
    • They are also after Dr. Ortega Hammon's formulas, process for Project Uplift. Which they know is where the dinos came from.
    • They don't know why I.I. is there. They're assuming it's to steal AIM property.

    {4b} captured I.I. Team

  • Alphas really don't know a thing. Could be talked into leaving I.I. provided there was a way to not die.
  • Powered armored Retrieval team handlers:
    • won't say much right away. Can be convinced to talk.
    • Dr. Phillipe Moreau has been moonlighting. I.I. suspects he's been using company assets for his pet projects. They are here to confiscate his work, the assets and shut him down. He doesn't have authorization.
    • They don't know why AIM is there. They're assuming AIM is there to steal I.I. property.

    5. Main chamber

  • Teleios' main lab is here. Has a field of cyber-augmented dinosaurs. ( Get all Jurassic World … get the music? )
  • Help from ILAHEH
  • not so much help from AIM or I.I. who will turn this up a notch.
  • dimensional rift is centered in lab.
    • Note: Energy powers will interact a little with the rift. It tugs at them and vice versa.
  • On arrival ( if detected ), Teleios will demand they leave. Telling them to get out! Allow a brief argument via console. Then he cuts the connection when he gets angry. ( note he's already left )
  • After com chat, guards arrive ( Teleios clones in armor and weapons ). With them is a Steelback with 2 – 4 Teleiosaurs
  • COMBAT NOTE: Second round? Have second wave show. Should be group they have least dealt with:
    • AIM: They will try and raid the lab's systems and databases, WHILE also trying to subdue the agents. ( they don't want SAFEGUARD sized problems )
    • I.I.: They're out to wipe out the place. They'll be planting explosives while keeping everyone else at bay. Explosives will be set on a 10 min timer.

    Falling Action


  • scaffolding and Teleios gear is new. Rift is actually a side effect of what looks to be damaged, advanced, tech.
  • Looks alien, has a language on it that isn't human ( Qwardian ).
  • The scaffolding has what appears to be video and sensors for other energy types, all pointed at the rift.
    • Notes indicate he might be making one.
    (Scientist vs 8 AP)
    • 1/2 – 1 RAP: It's theoretical, but the math works out. He probably could build this. Might have even started on it at another location?
    • 0 RAP: Not sure, the notes are beyond you.

    How to close the rift:

  • Yes. Energy manipulation can do it. An explosion on the device on the ground can.
  • The device CAN be shut down with a Gadgetry vs 7 AP or Scientist vs 10AP
    • 1/2 RAP: The rift shuts down, dragging 1 -4 objects/PCs/NPCs in. Device auto-repairs and is closed but unstable.
    • 1 RAP: The rift shuts down, dragging 1 -4 objects/PCs/NPCs in. Device auto-repairs and is closed.

    To avoid getting dragged in:

    Acrobatics/Flight/Dex vs 8 AP

    After rift is closed:

  • two signals sent, comm emitter shuts down/burns out.

  • 2 researchers are missing. 2 locked in cells. Who are missing? Two of the researchers. Security is in the cells with remaining researcher.
  • Video shows rift ‘abducted' the two missing ones when they were too close while scanning the rift. Other two are captured by Teleio clones seconds later.
  • Cells use force screens and mask sound.
  • To Open Cells ( just takes any RAP amount )

    • break them ( vs 10 AP )
    • unlock them ( vs 8 AP )
    • hack them ( vs 7 AP )



  • Any I.I. or AIM will try and make an escape. Running attracts the Velociraptor pack.
  • Any remaining Teleio clones will attack or surrender depending on how the fight went.
  • END:

  • Let heroes decide what to do with rift, etc.
  • if left alone, dinos will eventually escape, causing a problem for the locals.

    • 30 HP base
    • Find why AIM is there: +3
    • Find why I.I. is there: +3
    • Catch Teleios before he escapes: +20
    • Find a way to get the missing researchers out of the rift: +20




    Elektra either adopted, or was adopted by, a Teslasaur who may have been christened "Larry"


    dinosaurs, lots and lots of dinosaurs, some of which have cybernetic parts



    • Dr. Teleios the Perfect Man
    • so many, many clones of Dr. Teleios
    • cyberbrains: cloned brains of Teleios, floating in jars which themselves are set in robot bodies
    • assorted Teleiosaurs
    • assorted kryptonian invaders
    Plot type
    Chapter 3: Chaos
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