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Elysium Acropolis

Area 51. Kapustin Yar. The Doomstadt. Atlantis Trench Station.
These are some of the most mysterious, and secretive, locations in the world. Some are only known to secret organizations such as SAFEGUARD, SHADE, Hammer Empire, or Advanced Idea Mechanics.
However, it is rumored that none compare to the location known only by the code name, Elysium Acropolis.
I know full well what it is. It's the desiccated beating black heart of Infinity Incorporated.
Dr Jean-Claude Gironde leader of the covert operations superhero team, Wyldfire
This complex is a combination of research center and archive vault for Infinity Incorporated. Here, the company explores the extreme cutting edge of biogenetic research deemed too sensitive for any of the other, smaller, 'Acropolis' type complexes around the globe.
The complex is unknown to the general public. To intelligence organizations and most of the 'hero' community, its nothing more than a discredited urban legend.
A privately-owned villa carrying this lofty name has been known since the late 19th century when it was a "health spa" for European gentry who needed to "take exercise and adjust their humours". Regardless of the depth of the cover story for any potential visitor, site access isn't difficult to arrange.
Visitors are offered a guided tour along with buildings under renovation, due to the original site being a 19th century "health spa". Current renovations are to allow the site to be more environmentally friendly, yet preserve as much of the historical construction as possible. Caretakers tell stories of past visitors and their "funny little ways" from half a century ago while sharing advice for safety precautions for those staying.
All the business records are in order, showing that the location makes enough of a profit to afford ground maintenance along with the salary for the staff. Attempts at environmental scans show some ground water and metamorphic chunks of low-quality rock. The staff will admit when asked, they believe the owner maintains the place out of ancestral obligation, due to a sentimental attachment.
Most don't know it exists, but I do. It's a threat to not only my people but all people.

If I could find it, I would erase it with my own two hands.
Solovar, king of the secret city-state of Matumaini

Dark Secrets, Darker Purpose

The Elysium Acropolis does appear on the business records of Infinity Inc. It's listed as a subsidiary of Infinity Inc. Further digging quickly turns up that it was inherited by the owner, Simon Arkangel who wishes to keep it in the family.
In fact, the location is far more than it appears.
Since the destruction of their main archive complex, the Valhalla Acropolis, the Elysium houses the remaining collection of Infinity Inc's meta-gene samples. As well as harvesting new ones from the occasional tourist visitor to the "health spa".
Some of these are basic tissue samples, others are cryogenically frozen specimens the company 'appropriated' from across the globe.
The company's work continues deep underground at the Elysium, using the last remaining 'archive' of samples as a 'reference library' for researchers. Through those, they try and push the boundaries of human genetic potential, both in regards of meta-powers, life quality and quantity. Much of this work continues to produce viable Hybrid Minions that are the primary stock-in-trade for Infinity Inc.
However, the Elysium also houses the personal laboratory of the company's owner, Simon Arkangel. There he continues his own projects involving "unlocking" the secrets of the meta-gene... no matter what, or who, it might cost.
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But wait, True Believers!

Rumors at the highest levels of the Thieves Society and Hammer Empire suggest that there is more than just work on Hybrid Minions being done by Infinity Inc! Word has it that Simon Arkangel has been hard at work not just creating better Hybrid Minions, but creating the next branch of human evolution!

All perfectly loyal to the company, of course...

'Nuff Said!

The Tip of a Technological Iceberg

I find Arkangel's hectic 'base building' after being hurt so badly... amusing.

However, he isn't someone to dismiss lightly. That's a mistake a person would only make once.
Maximus, leader of the criminal organization, the Hammer Empire
The actual design and layout of an Infinity Inc Acropolis is held under tight corporate security. However, Hammer Empire and others have been hard at work gleaning what they can from the wreckage of the Valhalla Acropolis.
Current estimates suggest that 70% of an Infinity Inc Acropolis lies underground. This is possibly to maintain a low profile, despite the fact they are often located in remote corners of the world.
Based on the Valhalla ruins, the majority of the visible section of an Acropolis above ground level are offices, meetings and break rooms. A structure that suits the particular "cover identity". At Valhalla, it was an atmospheric research station.
Those rooms were connected to living quarters for the staff. A secured elevator led to a basement and fortified subbasements. Hammer Empire teams believe there might have been multiple sub-basements, each potentially housing cryogenic chambers and research areas.
Since no public evidence, even using ground penetrating radar, has exposed any sublevels at the Elysium Acropolis, only the most skeptical remain suspicious.
Yet, this information is at best incomplete. The destruction of the Valhalla Acropolis was centered on the reactor that powered the complex. Hammer Empire researchers so far are convinced this was done due to an unsecured thermal exhaust port.
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Little do they know, True Believers...

...the vulnerability was more than just an unsecured thermal exhaust port. It was a team that included escaped members of the original Hybrid Minion prototypes striking back at their creators and the corrupt corporation! The rest of the team? Why that might have been Wyldfire, however they aren't admitting any involvement!
Alternative Names
Arcology 002
Technology Complex
Owning Organization


An Arcology By Any Other Name...

Valhalla Acropolis, the company's former main storehouse and genetic library, fell to a team of vigilantes and perhaps even a superhero or two. Ever since that incident, construction at the Elysium has been frantic.
Under the guise of "rennovation and refurbishment" of the 19th century "health spa", workers set up new areas and buildings for medical, food and other support systems deep underground.
If any of this is true, it suggests that the complex may become truly self-sufficient. A working arcology. One that might even be fortified against potential assault.
However, Simon Arkangel isn't one to take defeat or setbacks lightly. It's possible he took the loss of the Valhalla Acropolis... personally.


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