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An international organization, S.H.A.D.E. ... or the "Special Hazard Assessment of Dimensional Emergencies" group ... is actually an apolitical one, yet not one that calls Earth 1 home.   They hail from another Earth across the multiverse. Unlike Earth 1 ( or many other Earths ), this counter Earth has been aware of the multiverse for some time. At first, the group's mandate was benign, only observing and reacting to threats as they happened.   Then the worst fear was realized. Meta-powered individuals broke through the dimensional barrier and attacked. SHADE's Earth managed to beat back the invaders but at a cost. In an effort to allow their Earth time to recover, SHADE turned from defensive to offensive.   Seeking out new Earths and new civilizations, SHADE infiltrated those worlds with the intent to either instigate a puppet government or failing that, collapse the existing government then rebuild it under SHADE's direction. The result was to harvest new technology from those Earths for use by SHADE to combat multi-dimensional threats.

Public Agenda

SAHDE doesn't have a public presence. They are a covert agency, at times accused by conspiracy theorists to be the mythical 'Men in Black'.
Secret, Governmental arm
Notable Members


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