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The Thief Skill possesses six specific Subskills: Escape Artist, Forgery*, Locks and Safes, Pickpocketing, Security Systems*, and Stealth. Comparatively few characters pick up all of the Subskills unless they really are making their living as a professional thief. Everything in the Thief skill set can be attempted by a character who has not already bought the skill except for Forgery and Security Systems, which do not allow untrained attempts.
Of course, a character who has not spent time and Hero Points on learning how to pick pockets is capable of a basic success, defaulting off their Dexterity, but their results will never be astounding.
Details of how this skill works can be found in the white book on pages 80-81.
Typically, getting out of a set of handcuffs on one's own person is going to be the Escape Artist Subskill. Unlocking handcuffs on someone else, strictly speaking, would be the Locks and Safes Subskill, but the GM will probably not apply the "Untrained" penalty to someone who uses Escape Artist on a teammate's handcuffs.
Stealth in a superheroic context is not an "active" type of Skill, not a Dice skill. Instead, the burden in most cases is on the would-be observer to notice someone who is trying to use stealth!
DC Heroes Roleplaying Game Second Edition
pages 80-81
published by Mayfair Games
Game Mechanics
Link: Dex
Base Cost: 10
Factor Cost: 8
Number of subskills: 6

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