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Kijani Mbweha Combat Armor

This unique combat armor designed by Matumaini scientists for the Kijani Mbweha troops that defend and protect the city. Members of the Kijani Mbweha nicknamed the armor, "Rhino silk", because of its combination of flexibility and durability.   It is flexible to not hinder the wearer's own dexterity yet durable enough to withstand moderate energy or kinetic impacts. The armor is a composite of gel-like materials only found in Matumaini that are connected in a 'micro-scale' technology.   The armor is a dark emerald green base color with chestnut brown for the connecting straps. The plates cover the torso and limbs but not the head, hands or feet.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

{Body(Hardened Defenses) 06, Note: Body is italicized so body of armor can be substituted for wearer's body}

Item type


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