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The Lost World 1



Mysterious events call for mysterious solutions!

Greetings True Believers!
Two years ago, while on a mission stopping a problem involving AIM, Infinity Incorporated, and the Atlantean known as Loki, a team of SAFEGUARD agents discovered a decommissioned missile silo in North Pennsylvania …
A missile silo that is not in the US government's databases. One that contains a giant sealed sphere of beryllium at the bottom of the launch tube.
For the next two years, SAFEGUARD has maintained a team of scientists researching the silo and the sphere. Research that had yet to provide any results.
Then, five days ago, all contact was lost with the research team save for a single distress signal.
SAFEGUARD mustered a fast response. Mysterious events call for mysterious solutions … so they activated …
Remembering their last encounter with the beryllium sphere, The Trenchcoat Brigade enlist the help of famed researcher and local New York superhero, Sahara, to help with the investigation.
So, polish up your Ray Bans, True Believers, it looks like SAFEGUARD has dropped off the Trenchcoat Brigade and they've made it down into the silo! Let's listen in and see what pops up!
This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


1. Start

( music: Written in the Wind)

  • In silo at hidden room. Room has no natural lighting, but has artificial lights placed around the room from the previous team.
  • Sand on the floor. The sand is fine grained, like a powder. It's a gray black with a faint ozone smell to it.
  • The sand is about one to two feet deep.
What is odd about it?
The sand is ground pumice. It's deposited here from the countless dimensional breaches since the entire cavern system is saturated with unstable quantum energy.
It conducts very well. Any use of energy based powers could cause a side effect reaction:

( discharges are dimensional ruptures )

  • SFX: A burst of watery blue energy swallowed by a purplish-blue smoke, the smell of brimstone and a bamf sound.
  • Roll Power AP vs Difficult.
  • RAPs:
    = 1/2 RAP: Images or illusions of people, creatures or things. They are from other dimensions but seem real until touched.
    = 1 RAP: Actual transport of things, creatures, etc. # RAPs determines how many objects/creatures are transported.
  • Potential Summoned objects or creatures:
    AIM cyberspiders
    Giant Scorpions
    Teleiosaurs (but only after the cyberspiders)
What foreshadows things to come?
Images or things will be encountered later on. German U-Boat. Dinosaurs. Etc
Ambush? Who?
AIM crab bots. Sentries left to guard the room while the AIM Team secures their mission.
There are x2 number of bots than heroes.
Any clues on the bots?
Yellow trim and other AIM hints.
How much farther in is their controller?
Outpost ( room #3 ) with part of the AIM Team.

2. Natural tunnel.

Not much here. It's a natural tunnel with ancient cave paintings. The style, pigment and materials indicate it was created by the precursors to the local native american tribes of the area five thousand years ago.
The warning is from someone called "Skin of Stone" who warns to avoid the "Dreaming Place"




AIM Crab Bots and Cyberspiders
Plot type
Chapter 1: on the scene of a disappearance
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