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The Lost World 2



Triassic Trouble!

Greetings True Believers!
And leapin' Lizards! Our heroes sure have beat the bushes and come up with a Mesozoic load of trouble!
After getting to the bottom of the silo mystery, they threw themselves into dealing with the energy sands. Instead of answers, this only opened new doors to more questions!
A mystery shipwreck from 1822? A dinosaur-infested jungle under Pennsylvania? And just where did the SAFEGUARD researchers go? Quite a mammoth set of issues, if you ask me!
I don't think any lion will be sleeping here tonight, True Believers, as our heroes may have uncovered problems of Cretaceous proportions!
Let's check in and see what they've dug up now!
This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!

Rising Action

3. LARGE cavern, thick with a dense jungle terrain.

( Croatoa The Misty Wood + Fantasy Syrinscape: Creepy Swamp; Music: Cut version of Welcome to Jurassic Park )

  • VERY Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World.
The jungle is extensive. Light shines through veins of natural quartz and crystals in the ceiling. The foliage is thickest to the sides of the chamber. The middle is more grassland / savanna. The walls of the chamber seem fuzzy, indistinct or covered in a gray fog.
(Cue on end of Jurassic Park: The Land Beyond Time )

From Notes

  • Energy aura from Teslasaurus, which leaves ‘afterglow’. This is what Elektra is picking up on.
  • They have a SAFEGUARD portable rad shields. Like HALO or Guardians of the Galaxy. Battery life of a month (don’t overtax it)
  • They are at room 2. Have seen the dinos, seen the outpost.
  • They are following tracks of researchers.
  • North is in direction of Outpost
  • Shadow is there, has a good theory of how to get out.
  • Events / NPCs / Objects ( don't roll too much, maybe twice? )

    • ILAHEH
    • herbivore dinos! ( triceratops, stegosaurus, ouranosaurus – duck billed/yellowish fin back/brown-green feathers )
    • Teleiosaurs ( cybernetic )
    • Regular predator Dinosaurs:
      ( 1-3 ) Velociraptors
      (4-6 ) Archaeopteryx
      ( 7-9 ) carcharodontosaurus – "shark toothed lizard" – teeth and head very shark-like/narrow body for running/body similar to raptor without hooked toe )
      (10 ) Roll again and combine
    • AIM cyberspiders ( x2 PCs music: Battle music! Loop !}
    • 1/2 German u-boat. U-116, last heard from in the North Atlantic. Had 56 crew aboard.
    • 1/2 two masted schooner, vintage 1822. The USS WildCat, reported lost while in route to Thompkins Island in the Caribbean. Had 31 crew aboard. Commanded by Lieutenant Legare.
    • Statues of antiquity. Have a classical greek or roman style. Depict Poseidon but no known records account for these particular statues.


    AIM / I.I. Team:
    ( music intro: Tech Fight! – repeat this: Battle Music )

    • (1-5) AIM ( 3 person team + 4 drones)
    • (6-10) I.I. 2 retrieval team in power armor + 3 hyena Alphas.
    • Roll again and combine
  • Will vanish in blue smoke /watery bamf when fight is over on a roll of 5-10.
  • If any AIM or I.I. team are caught, see 4a or 4b




    Elektra either adopted, or was adopted by, a Teslasaur who may have been christened "Larry"


    dinosaurs, lots and lots of dinosaurs, some of which have cybernetic parts



    • Dr. Teleios the Perfect Man
    • so many, many clones of Dr. Teleios
    • cyberbrains: cloned brains of Teleios, floating in jars which themselves are set in robot bodies
    • assorted Teleiosaurs
    • assorted kryptonian invaders
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    Chapter 2: gather interested parties for combat
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