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Launch Code 6



Now listen here, Larry Duberman!

Last night, the Trenchcoat Brigade disrupted several pieces of a dangerous plan. In the wee hours of the morning, they infiltrated the PPZ frathouse through an ingenious plan and surreptitiously collected a lot of information, which they now take the chance to examine more closely at an undisclosed location.

Interrogating PPZ fraternity brother Larry Duberman ….

The hour is past six in the morning. Many citizens begin their normal days. Others go to rest after a long night.
The Shadow interrogated the young man who organized the supplies, shipments, and assignments for this highly dubious PPZ project. Larry Duberman, Keeper of the Checklists, has given all the information that can be coaxed out of him. Now it is time to dispose of him and plan the next step.
Sahara and Chameleon lurk nearby, just out of sight. They are ready if the Shadow needs backup; also they continue to look through the commandeered materials for any further clue, or for possible lines of further inquiry.
Psypher used the credit card swiped from the PPZ to arrange a future date with the alien visitor Summon: a tuxedo, two tickets to the Broadway production of Aladdin, even a prepaid cab ride. He then disposed of the credit card and traveled to deliver his invitation personally. He had to deactivate his comms for an hour, but the otherworldly being certainly had something to say! Psypher has intelligence to share with his colleagues, and should be brought up to date by them on what he missed.



Clues for Agent Chameleon:
The nearest item you can find on the SAFEGUARD files to these coordinates is a very old underwater missile silo. It was decommissioned in the 1970s and left empty through most of the 80s. In ‘98 it was transferred to NOAA, who tried one thing and another before they ran out of applicable projects. If they had been able to use today's technology in that time, they probably would still be running projects today! (And much more would be known about the Eastern Seaboard, and many things would have been sorted out. Such as the alleged existence of a surveillance outpost, deep underwater, that either belonged to the USSR or to "Atlantis". If there was such a thing, it's long since dormant; but it would have been nice to KNOW!)
NOAA eventually sold the facility to a company called Nauticos Corporation, who made several improvements to the structure. They merged with Oceaneering International in 2003. As part of the reorganization that followed, Nauticos, LLC then sold this old missile silo to a real estate developer, who planned on making an undersea shopping-and-resort complex. That plan seams to have fallen apart quickly, as the developer went bankrupt within 2 years. Nothing suggests they even really got started beyond the planning-on-paper stage.
From there, the property was purchased at auction — or, rather, the real estate was purchased by a shell company, while the mineral rights were purchased by two unrelated shell companies, none of whom seem to have any real-world facilities. Then it all turns into an endless loop of shell companies owning parts of other companies owning holding companies owning whatever. If you had some time, you would get a buddy in the Forensic Accounting division to take a look at this mess for you, and you would expect their analysis back in a couple of days at best.   It does not have the earmarks of any terrorist organizations with which you personally have experience, anyway. There's a plus!




  • Summon


  • PPZ a.k.a. Psi Phi Zeta
  • and particularly Bob Megalos from PPZ
  • Blockbuster



Give PCs some time to compare notes, go over clues. Give Sahara and Chameleon each 2 more items from grab bag.
After that, it's all wait-and-see what will they decide they want to do next? Notes are in email or Google Drive.
Left off: The time is now coming up on 9:00 a.m. on a cloudy February morning. The team is just outside Blüdhaven, at the direct access to the secret lair. They're about to climb in the SEKRET WWII ERA EMERGENCY BACK ENTRANCE (that leads down to the ladder section on the Modern_Floorplans_Arctic_Research_Station map). First they will open it a crack so Sahara can scoot in, disable alarms, check for traps; then all of them will go in. The Shadow zip-tied the 2 padlocks on the WW2 Municipal Building so the very-slowly-eventually-arriving 3 Ryder Trucks of remaining PPZ guys plus Summon will have a major delay getting in.
Nobody has asked how the boxes o' supplies were gotten across the cleared space between the fence and the building. That's okay! It's a minor thing. There's actually a traditional bunker access point INSIDE THE DUMPSTER over at Big Belly Burger, next door.
The shaft will be very dark, a little bendy, cold but dry.
There were 5 fake "very very large boulders" but 4 of those are heat sinks and air storage.
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Chapter 6: good old fashioned bampowcrash
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