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Launch Code 9 - the conclusion


oh NO you DON'T!



Launch Code: The Conclusion!

The Masked Avengers thought they had this dastardly plot cleaned up! They have knocked Robert Megalos unconscious. They have defeated Blockbuster through fantastic team efforts.
But outside the underwater base, arriving early, are the two rented trucks full of the PPZ’s remaining members.
And the creature called "Summon".
And some sort of four-armed clay creature.
Also there are people in yellow armored suits, with personal jetpacks, blasting away with yellow-beamed ray guns.
Also there are other people firing back in colors like green, blue, and red!
No, the Trenchcoat Brigade's work is not done … not just yet!

Falling Action

you’ve got Irrational Hatreds, I’ve got targets

Thanks to TEAMWORK, this works out perfectly!
Much like the Masked Mystery Men’s recent work on Blockbuster.
Our rousing conclusion opens with a three-way battle between two Ray Gun wielding costumed people, and the Alternate Reality traveler known as "Summon" losing her battle to defend the two PPZ trucks!
Just wait until Chameleon finds out one of those groups are from a known terrorist organization….
AIM planned to steal the missiles before they could be launched. They remotely triggered the telescoping launch tube to open, jetpacked down to attach hovercraft hoists, and WHAT THE PARACELSUS HAPPENED HERE??!? They are now compensating by trying to steal the two Ryder trucks.
Card Shark (hudcitybook p 238) plans to steal the antidote and notes. They will agree to work with anybody who wants to take the actual drug, and/or split the supply of antidote, so long as the Cards get the antidote. And notes. Possibly also one of the chemists working on this. If they find out that Summon has been overseeing the actual processing, they’ll want to take her along instead. In a pinch, they will even negotiate with the heroes, but Card Shark clams right up and looks upset if pressed to explain WHY they want the antidote. He’s going to produce a LOT of the antidote, and this is not a charity; that’s all he will say.
Summon is trying to fulfill her mostly-doomed contract by defending the PPZ dudes. She’s mostly a Controller/Defender type and this entire situation is really beyond her capacities. Her skin flushes a darker blue as the fight continues because she is running out of energy and she is starting to have trouble with her adaptation to Earth gravity+air pressure. She was not summoned by a heroic summoner so she will not sacrifice her life to defend these kids; but when she starts to look like she’s thinking of bailing, one of the PPZ (Adam Roderick) yells that he’ll provide her with two five-ounce Terrigen Crystals if she gets him out of here, alive, and uncontrolled.
The PCs need to interrupt or counter-offer before Summon accepts or she goes villainous on this new contract. Also, AIM now focuses on that particular fratboy.


The adventure awards were figured thusly:


Standard Award = 46 Hero Points

  1. Participation awards +1 SA
  2. Roleplaying awards +0 SA for people who just wait around to roll dice (not our party!)
    or +1 SA for showing up and having fun
    or +2 SA for playing up your Drawbacks and other problems without rolling to ignore them, also without deliberately derailing the story
  3. Saving innocent bystanders over and above the basic "stop the villain" situation awards +1 SA
  4. Thwarting the villain awards +1 SA
  5. Playing the story complication of a Subplot awards up to a whole additional SA
  6. Miscellaneous: crack up the whole party, get a bonus SA
  7. Miscellaneous: make the GM toss a whole chunk of notes by being inventive with your heroing, get a bonus SA
  8. Miscellaneous: Surprise Tactic Bonus means the GM has more fun, get a bonus SA

In this adventure, the lowest multiple worked out to around 5.5 Standard Awards, and the highest was closer to 9 Standard Awards.




  • Summon


  • PPZ a.k.a. Psi Phi Zeta
  • and particularly Bob Megalos from PPZ
  • and quite possibly Adam Roderick from PPZ who would like to be from AIM
  • Blockbuster (more or less the Writeups dot Org version by Sébastien Andrivet, as far as stats went)

Card Shark Deck Agents (Spades) combatant squad

Dex 04 Str 03 Body 04
Int 04 Will 03 Mind 04
Infl 03 Aura 03 Spirit 03
Initiative 11


Skills: Vehicles (Land, Air) 04, Weaponry (Firearms, heavy) 05, Martial Arts (brass knuckle combat) 05


POWER VEST cannot be taken away in combat, substitutes for user’s stats
STR 06, BODY 07, Radio Communications 03, Sealed Systems 02, Shade 5, R#3


Energy Blaster {BODY 04, Energy Blast 09, R#3 (blast may be blue or red)

These guys really like using Team Tactics and taking Trick Shots at the enemy’s gear.

Card Shark Nine of Spades

Red V-neck tunic, white ascot, blue pants and boots, gold sash, white mask with a spade symbol over LEFT EYE

Dex 06 Str 03 Body 04 Int 06 Will 05 Mind 04 Infl 04 Aura 03 Spirit 03 Initiative 16

Same skills and equipment as Deck, PLUS:

Leadership advantage, in charge of the mission

Exploding Cards (Flashbangs) BODY 1, Flash 4, Sonic Blast 4 (Area affect only 2 APS)


Psi Phi Zeta fratboy

all stats are 1 except INT 5


Ray Gun (green blasts)
BODY 3, Energy Blast/Heat Vision/Magic Blast 4. (Note that MB goes against Infl/Spirit, and there’s only 1 Ray Gun for that!), R#5

Plot type
Chapter 9: wrap up loose combatants
Parent Plot
Related Locations


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