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Ivory Talons, Chapter 5: Deadly Dancing in the Dark


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Welcome Back!


Last time, the fight in Grail Industries forced the team to retreat to Apothecary Fu's shop, Fu's Herb and Tea Garden in Chinatown! Once there, all it took was tea, time, and herbs to recover from bruises to bodies and minds.


However, in no time at all, our heroes were back on the case. Quick thinking and a little sleuthing turned up the Clock King's current hideout: the top of the under-construction convention center next to Oscorp, just south of Central Park. He was right on the Knights Vigilants' doorstep!


Using a distraction to move the construction workers to safety, they got the drop on the Clock King. But! He wasn't alone. With him were members of that same mysterious carnival mask gang! There were nine in all, gymnasts and acrobats in streamlined gymnastic outfits with weapons. One among them stood out. Her outfit was similar to the rest save for her mask. It was white with purple filigree decorating the outer edge. A similar design surrounded the eyes, giving the entire thing a haunting hypnotic quality.


The team quickly learned the difference between her and the others. While all of these cryptic carnival criminals seemed to have some psychic ability to cloud a person's mind, this one with the ornate mask? Her psychic skills seemed more refined, honed, sharpened. Our heroes dubbed her the QUEEN OF MASKS.


The battle raged across the top of the construction site. Our heroes seemed to be getting the upper hand until two hawk-human troopers arrived with reinforcements! Yet! Our heroes still managed to rescue Mr. Freeze and re-equip him.




The battle isn't over! With the entire top level of the construction site drenched in an inky blackness from well-placed DARKNESS GRENADES, our heroes must make a stand to stop the Clock King and his allies from doing ... whatever it is he's trying to do!


Will our heroes stop the gang? Will they find out what actually is even going on?


This is Not Stan Lee saying ...




Having found and rescued Mr. Freeze, our heroes face long, hard odds!   But ... there are questions that beg to be answered!  
  • Who are these mysterious hawk-people? What are their stake in all this? Just hired muscle? Or do that suggest something else sinister going on?
  • The acrobatic carnival gymnasts that seem to have similar powers as the Metropolis hero, the Shadow, to cloud minds ... just WHO are they?
  • Those add to these other questions that are stacking up even higher!

  • The Clock King's perfect timing and excellent physical prowess seem a match for the Knights Vigilant, how will they defeat him?
  • An alliance with Mr Freeze! Given the doctor's past, can he be trusted? Is he really after stolen medical equipment? Or is there more to his story?
  • Just what WAS this "Crystal Vine Powder" that the Golden Lotus has ... and the Hammer Empire wanted? It seemed to act in a manner like the mutagenic drug, Silent Dreams. Is it simply that repacked under a new name? Or is it something more?


    Finally ...


    Just what IS the Clock King's plan? What is he after? The man isn't just a garden variety thief. His crimes are based on righting what he thinks is a moral or other kinds of "wrong" ... with a clock theme of course!


    Clues and Motivations


    Returning the equipment helps Dr. Fries continue his research to cure and revive his wife. In addition, helping Dr. Fries will also put the Clock King's plans on ice!



    The Knights Vigilant!
  • Sahara
  • Taki
  • "Statesman" ( secretly also known as Trickshot )

  • Allies

    Dr. Victor Fries, aka "Mr Freeze"! The infamous master criminal from Gotham City who has enlisted the team's help to recover stolen medical equipment.


    The Clock King! - Infamous criminal whose perfect sense of time and timing make him a dangerous foe for any hero.


    A mysterious group of acrobatic thieves! - Who are these criminals? Are they new? Or an old foe wearing a new disguise?

    Show spoiler
    Editor's Note: They are in fact members of the Crypt Carnival

    ... that are taking their lead from a woman that stands out from their group! One the team has dubbed the 'Queen of Masks'!

    Show spoiler
    Editor's Note: In fact she is the leader of this double-sized team, she is a skilled Crypt Carnival Aerialist gifted with a natural talent to craft mental illusions. A former artist named Vanessa DuPree!

    This time there isn't one but two well equipped and armored avian-humanoids that ambushed the team!

    Show spoiler
    Editor's Note: In fact, they're members of the elusive group called the Ivory Talons!
      Henchmen of Moon Knight's nemesis, the Science Court!
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