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Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa














POWERS (* linked)

  • Precognition: 10
    (FC 3; Dice Action; can read up to an hour ahead without being Pushed)
  • Postcognition: 10
    (FC 2; Dice Action; can read up to an hour ago without being Pushed)
  • Energy Blast: 10
    (FC 1; Dice Action; Fatiguing
  • Exorcism: 10
    (FC 1; Dice Action; Fatiguing





Energy Blast and Exorcism are both Fatiguing - Taki tries to use them at less than full strength.



SKILLS (* linked)

  • Acrobatics: 05
    FC 7; Dice Action; all subskills
  • Detective: 04
    FC 3; Dice Action; Clue Analysis only
  • Martial Artist: 06
    FC 6; Dice Action
  • Thief: 05
    FC 06; Dice Action; Escape Artist, Locks and Safes, Pickpocket, and Stealth subskills
  • Weaponry: 07
    FC 3; Dice Action; Melee Weapons only




  • Area Knowledge | neighborhood
  • Connection, Low | Detective Sara Owens, NYPD
  • Connection, Low | Detective Hirokoma Kozu, NYPD
  • Connection, Low | FDNYC Ladder 23
  • Connection, Low | Solar Champions
  • Connection, Low | Bruno, Blood Hellion (who didn't get mutated)
  • Connection, Low | NYC Magic Community
    (varies based on Kara's current reputation)
  • Iron Nerves | +2 CS to my OV/RV vs Aura of Fear, Phobia, or any Intimidation attempt
  • Leadership | FOR GREAT JUSTICE!
  • Lightning Reflexes | +2 to Initiative (already added)
  • Japanese Scholar | -2 CS to OV/RV of an Intelligence check for Japanese, spoken and kanji, slightly antiquated
  • Braille Scholar | -2 CS to OV/RV of an Intelligence check for reading Braille
  • Fortune Teller Scholar | -2 CS to OV/RV of an Intelligence check for fortune-telling traditions and patter, particularly with tarot cards




  • Serious Irrational Attraction | "demon" hunting
    must roll greater than/equal to 11 to overcome Taki's vocation and interact normally, otherwise abandon all other pursuits in favor of chasing down and defeating the "demon". Whatever it actually is.
  • Serious Psychological Instability | absorbed in "self"-arguments (arguments between currently dominant personality and currently submerged personality)
    on roll of less than/equal to 4; to regain composure, must roll greater than/equal to 11
  • Mistrust
    NPCs, especially strangers who are Heroes or law enforcement, and the general public are automatically Hostile
  • Secret Identity | Each personality goes to some lengths to keep strangers from finding out that it's the same body. Only the teammates are trusted with this critical information, as a gesture of solidarity!





fortune teller




0 ( Appox Annual Income : $1250) ( Appox Annual Income : $12,000,000,000)




  • Sword (katana)
    {Body: 6, EV: 4}
  • Knife (wakizashi)
    {Body: 5, EV: 3}
  • Ice Blade (wakizashi)
    {Body: ???, EV: ???, some kind of cold power: ???}




Taki and Kara often dream of a man they can't quite see. Sometimes he's old-school Nipponese soldier, or yoko-metsuke, or bushi. Sometimes he's a very modern Japanese-American cop of some sort (usually either NYPD or US Marshal, as far as they can tell), or high-ranking member of a private security force, or a Customs Agent. Sometimes his clothes and hair and the setting around him are such a mix that the women can't be sure which he is.
(Taki says it's the same soul, reincarnated; Kara says that makes no biological sense, because it's the same body.)
Taki feels that her past is entwined with this man's past to the point of tugging at each others' destinies, and that on the day when they look into each others' eyes again, they will have to decide whether to be eternally sworn enemies or recurrent allies.
Kara thinks that Taki takes that video game entirely too seriously, and cops should be left to their own devices as a general rule.

Speaking of fundamental differences in worldview: Taki believes she's an old soul haunting the last child of her line, trying to preserve her in hope of a reasonably-happy-ever-after. Kara believes that "Taki" is an outside spirit, somewhat bonkers, who has been possessing Kara for several years; Taki is useful for trying to stay alive, at least most of the time, but Kara expects the spirit to eventually become so absorbed by her fictitious identity and history that she rejects reality in a dangerous-for-Kara way. It's not that Kara doesn't like Taki, and appreciate having her around, it's just that all good things have a tendency to go really, really bad at some point.
A third explanation would be that homeless, malnourished, psychic, and somewhat unstable Kara is batshit -- that her mind fractured under the strain of something she foresaw at the Psychic Convention, back in 2001, and invented a separate protector personality in order to cope with the scary thing a-coming. (This last explanation has to stretch awfully far, granted, to explain how illiterate Kara could read Japanese kanji, and speak an archaic version of the language moderately fluently, when she thinks she's Taki.)

Kara lives in a slum. Kara pretends to be blind. Kara's health still isn't fantastic. Kara probably qualifies for some sort of welfare, but is too suspicious of the system to go to the Welfare Office, even though she's fanatical about keeping her busker's permit in good standing. Kara's current quality of life could be wiped away in any given second, by any negative influence to trip merrily along. Kara doesn't file taxes....

Not all of Kara's tarot readings are psychically sourced; plenty are generic enough to blow off as guessing. But some of them are full-blown uses of her ability to read the past and the future, which should eventually come to the attention of the kind of New Yorker who would like to have a true fortune teller at his beck and call. Lately there've been certain readings where Taki has interrupted to firmly demand that Kara screw up, get things wrong on purpose, and generally make herself out to be an ordinary hustler. Doing so makes Kara incredibly uncomfortable, but Taki has better instincts for spotting dangerous people ... right?

Kara has a BIG ol’ crush on Loki (person). Taki is not sure if she approves but she’s also not going to interfere unless a real danger pops up.




Benchmark <span class="attr_bench">(based on current attributes above)</span>

DEX (Dexterity)
This person possesses the best agility that is humanly possible.

STR (Strength)
A normal human that can lift 200lbs over their head.

BODY (Body)
The individual is conditioned to withstand moderate damage without great pain. They may withstand blunt attacks as a prizefighter or a martial artist.

INT (Intelligence)
The individual has the ability to process information on the level of an industrious college student.

WILL (Willpower)
This individual has exceptional self-discipline and can remain calm and rational during a crisis.

MIND (Mind)
This person has the mental fortitude to continue normal activities even in persistently painful or stressful situations, such as those experienced by hardened soldiers.

INFL (Influence)
This individual can hold and draw the attention of a large audience.

AURA (Aura)
This person has a presence strong enough to change the emotional state of an auditorium-sized crowd from a dead calm to electrified frenzy.

SPIRIT (Spirit)
This person is so secure in his or her beliefs that he or she is willing to die for them.

Fri 24th May 2019 06:53

The People's Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May

by Taki

It took me a couple of 404s to Enter the Session, but now here I am!
I noticed when I first read Night Watch by Terry Pratchett that the negotiations to write the new government actually cite the twenty-fourth of May. And yet! Everyone still gets emotionally wrought on the 25th. Which, yes, many things happen on that particular day. Such as the bit with the egg. But I am a little surprised not to see much fan activity on the 24th other than reminding one another to go look for lilac.
Anyway. I think that's about as much as I can say without a gigantic spoiler, which (after all) is not the point of this test. The point is, can I edit this journal while the session is still in progress?
Yes, I can! Time to congratulate Dimitris and close that bug.

The major events and journals in Taki's history, from the beginning to today.

The People's Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May

It took me a couple of 404s to Enter the Session, but now here I am! I noticed when I first read [i]Night Watch[/i] by Terry Pratchett that the negotiations to write the new government actually site the twenty-[i]fourth[/i] of May. And yet! Everyone s...

06:45 am - 24.05.2019

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Taki.

Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa