Fri 24th May 2019 06:53

The People's Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May

by Taki

It took me a couple of 404s to Enter the Session, but now here I am!
I noticed when I first read Night Watch by Terry Pratchett that the negotiations to write the new government actually cite the twenty-fourth of May. And yet! Everyone still gets emotionally wrought on the 25th. Which, yes, many things happen on that particular day. Such as the bit with the egg. But I am a little surprised not to see much fan activity on the 24th other than reminding one another to go look for lilac.
Anyway. I think that's about as much as I can say without a gigantic spoiler, which (after all) is not the point of this test. The point is, can I edit this journal while the session is still in progress?
Yes, I can! Time to congratulate Dimitris and close that bug.

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  1. The People's Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May