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Jedi Knight Vanya Ysadora

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Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa

Character Points
Force Points
Dark Side Points
3d (1d)

Force Sensitive

0 - Healthy
Current Wounds

brawling parry3d+1
melee Lightsaber Combat6d+0
Melee Combat3d+1
Melee Parry4d+1



hide (on person)



Law Enforcement
Planetary Systems
Security Regulations2d


Cultures: Tapani2d+2
Languages: Jedi Script2d+1
Law Enforcement: the Galactic Empire2d+1
Law Enforcement: Tapani Alliance of Worlds3d+0
Survival: Wilderness2d+1

Advanced Skills

Kwi Map (Part 3)4d+0
includes the Csilla system, Kril’Dor and Roxuli are on the edge of my map segment (so some of Unknown Regions nw of the Metellos Trade Route and the Hydian Way


3D +2




Beast riding
Repulsorlift operation
starship gunnery
starship shields
starfighter piloting2d+1


Starfighter Piloting: Jedi Starfighter piloting3d+0



computer programming/repair3d+0
first aid2d+1
lightsaber repair
security (lockpicking)2d+1
security (system identification)2d+1


Martial Arts

Punch ((Str +1)d damage)

Kick ((Str + 2)d damage)

Hold/Grapple (Moderate skill roll to grab, opposed STR roll to continue)

Elbow Smash (Very Easy, add +1D to damage roll)

Multiple Strikes (Moderate, 2nd attack has no multiple action penalties and inflicts 3d damage)

Power Block (Moderate, inflicts STR+1D on target)

Instant Knockdown (Moderate, see p.117 in Rules of Engagement)

5D +2

Control Powers

  • Absorb/Dissipate Energy

  • Concentrate

  • Control Pain

  • Enhance Attribute

  • Force of Will

  • Remain Conscious

  • Resist Stun


Sense Powers

  • Combat Sense

  • Danger Sense

  • Emptiness

  • Life Detection

  • Life Sense

  • Receptive Telepathy

  • Sense Force


Alter Powers

  • Telekinesis


Control / Sense Powers

  • Battle Mind

  • Farseeing

  • Lightsaber Combat

  • Projective Telepathy

Control / Alter Powers

  • Control Another’s Pain

  • Transfer Force

Special Abilities
Sense Stormtrooper seems to be a Vanya-specific thing. Is it a real ability? Or a smart-alecky shorthand for something else?

  • 2 lightsabers (5d damage)

  • Robes + 1 change of clothes.

  • Commlink

  • DataPADD (Pocket secretary)

  • 2 heavy blasters (5d damage), 1 with a scope; but one of the two (GM's choice per adventure) is generally left in a gunsafe in the studio apartment on Tavya Nine. On both, they've been set to STUN and then the switch has been disconnected.

  • rebreather with small oxygen cannister and oxy extraction system

  • 1 can NuSkin (spray-on skin)

  • medkit, disassembled and contents shoved into various belt pouches

  • night-vision lenses

  • repair/maintenance tools for lightsabers and blaster

Generally left behind at home:
  • whichever one of the two heavy blasters has been left in the gunsafe instead of stuck into holster when she walked out of her room, last time she was home in the studio apartment at Tavya Nine. The heavy blaster WITH the scope was a present from @[Obi-Wan Kenobi](person:b28b9d37-362d-4c01-9f65-b662179bf27c the other one is older, and has taken quite the beating over the past couple of decades

  • Used to have a medglove. Somebody in the party took off with it a couple of years ago. Haven't bothered to replace it, but I still have the recharging connector.


Notes, Story Factors, and Misc Information
Vanya never puts any security measures on her DataPADD (which is a specific model of the ubiquitous datapad found across the Galaxy). Vanya presumes that anybody interested in hacking is going to be better at getting into her inexpensive personal device than any encryption software suite she could acquire. Therefore, three things are true:
  1. Nothing truly sensitive or confidentail ever goes into VNY's DataPADD;

  2. Additional sources are always necessary for verification of any "facts" found in VNY's DataPADD;

  3. The Holopedia and BountyPedia are peppered with snippets from VNY's DataPADD. These snippets are all subject to the above two conditions.


Mon 18th Mar 2019 04:16

Memorable meals

by Jedi Knight Vanya Ysadora

Best meal I ever had? That would be tough to pick out, actually.


I can tell you about the worst one, though. I was, let me see ... I was about twenty-five standard years old, working as a dba for an orbital station construction crew. We were subcontracting for some expansion and retrofit work on Corvalis, a peg-in-a-ring looking space station out in the Nezri System. The construction crew were decent sorts, but not inclined to let "the office flunky" into their after hours hijinx, which I guess I can't really blame them for. I mean, I processed their paychecks and filed their materials requests.


Anyway, most of my meals on that job were some kind of pasta in some kind of seasoned broth with some kind of barely-identifiable but brightly colored chunks of vacuum-frozen bits. You work with a lot of bulk purchases on that sort of job site. I was trying to save up money as fast as I could, in order to fund the last stage of my private investigator apprenticeship and qualify for a license; so I ate the cheap rations for as long as I could stand them, and then I would take my once-per-twenty-days trip to the regional office as a chance to eat a nicer meal.


It was usually pub food.


Which means it was only a matter of time before I got something truly not designed for humanoid consumption.


So this one trip, I stopped in the nearest open place while I waited for the regional office to swap out data crystals. I'd eaten there before. I ordered something with "nerf" in the title, figured as long as it was cooked through, I should be okay, right?


I should have gone down a couple levels to Flangth-to-Go. Really.


The dish came to me the first time and it was still half frozen. I sent it back, politely but a little exasperated.

Next time it was in front of me, everything was black. I poked it a little bit and flames shot out. The bartender hit it with the extinguisher before I could discover any more.


I heard a lot of yelling in the kitchen before I was finally presented with a plate of ... sort of warning-tape-yellow ... oval lumps on top of these orange flat slabs. I guess that might have been sauce on top of a piece of meat? Only its surface tension was so strong that I could not pierce it with a fork.


I wound up eating about half of an orange flat slab thing. I can tell you a few things: it was decidedly not nerf-anything. It probably was vat-grown, and that vat needed serious repairs. And the seasoning was, as far as I could tell, grated peas dyed with food coloring, because it had nearly no taste at all.

The major events and journals in Jedi Knight Vanya Ysadora's history, from the beginning to today.

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Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa