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Roeksen Construction

Small construction business specializing in starbase expansion and modification. All employees receive standard pay according to union guidelines and individual experience + certification. Bonuses are paid per completed project according to timeliness of project completion, efficiency of materials use (the closer to matching the owner/architect's estimate, the more likely a bonus will be offered; large discrepancies in either direction mean that something went wrong), and scores on stress tests performed at completion.   Once employed a logistics database administrator named "Vanya Ysadora" who wanted to build up her savings quickly for some further training she planned to take. She had an okay reference from Zero G Construction Crew, she had no hesitation about the commitment to a "sector tour" contract where she would relocate every three standard weeks so long as her assigned quarters were always going to be single occupancy, she paid attention during every safety briefing even if she had just gotten it thirty hours beforehand, and she was the only applicant to notice that the emergency bulkhead nearest the rented interview room could not be sealed air-tight from inside the station.   Which was not a test that Roeksen intended to make, but gave them a good impression about this young woman's attention to important details.
Guild, Craftsmen


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