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possibly a former IRS auditor, we don't know

"Mildred Krebs" was a character on the tv show Remington Steele, played to perfection by Doris Roberts

Mildred is a modified AccuTronics MK 8001 Attendant Droid who has drifted pretty far from factory design over the course of her existence. She worked at an assisted living facility for a few decades, having followed an early owner there.


She has fine light yellow lines drawn on the "helmet" portion of her head casing, giving it the appearance of overteased blonde hair in a bouffant hairstyle. She always has a pair of dangly earrings attached in the appropriate spaces on either side of her head. She likes to wear necklaces, sometimes several at once, usually made of chunky simulated gemstones but always some sort of costume jewelry.

Physical Description

Body Features

Along with the Stun Field and the padding sleeve thing, Mildred has a Cybot Galactica Nexus Scomp-link which makes it a lot easier to handle all the computer work which a busy low-grade detective agency requires.

Mental characteristics


The healthcare industry job


Mildred's original purchaser was Dino Krebs, who needed a round-the-clock caretaker for his great-grandmother Ermenburga Krebs. Ermenburga was wealthy enough to need a chaperone to protect her from predation; the attendant droid was fitted with a Stun Field with the capacity for two charges before it is drained. As Ermenburga's gentle decline continued, she began to mistake the droid for a former near-human servant named Mildred. Everyone around at the facility and among the few family members who still visited, also got into the habit of referring to the droid as "Mildred" or "Mildred Krebs".


Mistress Ermenburga did not require a lot of minute-to-minute attendance. Milred helped out with the care of other residents as a means of filling the time. By the time her person passed away, everyone around presumed that the MK 8001 was part of the fleet of droids owned by the facility.


Mildred was always a very patient listener. The senior residents liked to tell her stories. The young residents loved having a grandma-like droid who brought their snacks and told them more coherent versions of the colorful tales from the senior residents.


In gratitude, the parents of one of the young residents put their engineering skills to work. They designed and installed a gel-filled sleeve that would fit around Mildred's central torso, from just below the upper chest plate down to slide over the pelvic joint, which served as a cushioned area. Child patients now had someplace comfortable to hug their caregiver. The Stun Field does not work in this area, and Mildred occasionally has overheating problems which require her to shut off for a short period "to run maintenance on her internal database", but she does not suffer any decrease in her dexterity.


Mildred's memory was never wiped because it would damage her storytelling function. By the time the assisted living facility closed its doors, she accumulated quite the interesting personality.


Then a warlord picked her up as part of a larger heist....



She's perfect!


When Davish and Vanya decided to start their own agency away from the supervising eyes of their mentors, Vanya was the one who chose the location and negotiated the office lease. Davish was the one in charge of filling the list of supplies they would need in the office. He was supposed to be acquiring a thirdhand holoprojector from a storage auction when he laid eyes on the form of a MK 8001 which had clearly gone through an adventurous past.



Mildred tends to make decisions on the idea that Davish is the slightly more senior partner in Mystic Mob Investigations. Most of the time, Vanya does not particularly care - but she did get a bit shouty when Mildred tried to stock off-brand liquor in the office for Sir Tam's convenience, even though Vanya had instructed Mildred not to spend office funds on intoxicants at all.

Wealth & Financial state

Because the Jedi Knight and the Crimson Knight don't really know how to deal with "owning a droid", they have decided she is the only salaried employee of their agency. They assigned an account specifically to Mildred and pay her "salary" into it. It's not huge, but it's what they can afford; and is figured on a percentage of the financial assets after all bills are paid.


Mildred was already unusual for a droid in the Tapani Imperium, but even she was not prepared to have financial independence. She does not have programming ready to address such a situation. Ignoring it did not make it go away, so Mildred decided that the purpose of this fund is so that she can make personal enhancements (as opposed to "business expense" enhancements) which will increase her value to the agency.


Which, to Mildred, usually means expanding her collection of costume jewelry.

Current Residence


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