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Lev Ysadora

Has been rumored to be the uncle of VN Ysadora. This claim has been tentatively proven through genetic lineage research done by Captain Eleni Benacor.


Notes gathered for Lady Asajj Ventress on 1 Welona 12729:

    • Physically looks to be in his late mid-50s, but has access to the best medical technology.
    • Is a brilliant and ruthless business man. Considered one of the wealthiest beings in the corporate sector. In 'certain' circles, it is not unknown for Lev to use his money and influence to suppress data or beings.
    • Is an inventor and technically considered a genius in his own right
    • Built Interstel Enterprises from the ground up.
    • Has one brother, Antonio,but the brother has been missing for decades.
    • Supposedly some falling out with Antonio over his wife, Victoria over their career choice and over Antonio marrying "one of them".
    • Nothing more found at this time.


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