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Clan Venn

people using the family name "Venn"

Internal Use Only
28 Nelona 12729
Private Higgins reporting:
Well, sirs, this is a right mess.
In summary: We have a stack of personnel forms for changeover to "Clan Venn" names, Payroll has queried me seven times, three different HoloNet news services have tried to pry into our internal records around this, and there's no chance of a "Clan Venn" formal announcement on the Mandalore side in the foreseeable future.
And that's before you get to the bit where that idiot Lorka Gedyc is hoping we will do something, so he can treat our brothers and cousins like a political limmie-ball. Which he probably plans to bounce off the Emperor's head.
What do you want me to do?
Long form:
Immediately after the formal listing of Clan Hayc, a number of guys from the Venn Fleet looked around and realized that their thirty years floating around in hyperspace would not count as "official family name, Mando Style" unless they actually swore the Creed and took the necessary steps to get listed.
I, uh, might have been in the room when they had said realization.
However! I absolutely was not the one who spelled it out for them.
I have no solid data on who actually did the deed, sirs, so don't ask me. 1
The fallout of that afternoon was that we had to reschedule our watch of "Jenny Sparks Versus the Electric Caliph", which horked Sparks off to the point Doc assigned him veggie peeling duty. Burner agreed to front if Loren would handle all the form-filling. Deuce said he was willing to be the pretty face only it would probably have to wait until he's off probation, and he's going to try to talk Ruk into joining on. Grade, Focus, and Inglim all pointed out that Clan Venn of House Venn should make clear at every step that folks that were not in the original fleet can join, but no word against the General will be tolerated.
That would have been the evening of 15 Nelona.
By 17 Nelona, word was out to the cousins in general. Name change form requests started to trickle in before Loren and Burner even had an appointment confirmed with Spar's people.
Then last week, Vorhejeron and Gedyc hit New Shella, torched our bacta, kidnapped the Mand'alor's son, and now all hell has broken loose. Half the guys want to shoot anybody with a Death Watch symbol. The other half say there's no point in playing Gedyc's game when we can drag Gedyc and Vorhejeron back to dump at the Mand'alor's feet.
And all of them are telling me to let them know the instant their name change goes live.
But there's no clan yet!
Only, I'm pretty sure if I point that out to them, they're going to think we are not standing with them.
Do you want me to put through the name change anyhow? I can just ignore the Mando side of the issue, but I don't want to make that decision without your say-so. I feel like having "a direct holorecord from Captain Rico and/or Major Razak" is going to turn into another limmie-ball. This might be the same result, but at least there's no vid clip of top brass. Right?
If you decide I should hold off, I would appreciate some leeway to pass that message around to each of them in person, not over holo. I would need to be on travel for about two and a half weeks in order to get to everyone in the current list quickly.
Or I could ask our Chaplain to do it. What could possibly go sideways?
End of message


1 It was Leia. She gave them that Look. You know, the one that says, "I cannot believe I have to explain this to you kids in explicit, obvious detail." 2 She cited Tapani and Mando laws, customs, exceptions, and recent examples besides the Hayc boys. Flawlessly. Off the top of her head. She must have prepped in secret for days, just knowing the opportunity had to come up. I wish someone had got it on Highlight Reel.


2 Aren't the twins three years younger than us?

Founding Date
33 Nelona 12729
Parent Organization
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