Star wars: shards Mission to Epsilon Twelve

Mission to Epsilon Twelve

Military action


A Tapani science station in a backwater system has abruptly quit communicating. Danar Vorpadaran and his friends are sent to accompany Rebel Master Sergeant Yeager Lexics on an investigative mission.

When I was in the Corps....
— Rebel Alliances Sgt. Yeager Lexics creeps Angus Priest completely out
Khuuuuuuuuuuuun! I can see the hyperdrive, Khun! It's gone, Khun!
Yeager, in the belly gun on Khun Lakhia's yacht the Private Dancer under heavy fire, "Mission to Epsilon Twelve", Star Wars: Shards of Honor
Three degrees of safety!
Khun Lakhia to the rest of the party about his emergency astrogation plan
  • First campaign appearance of Home One of the Rebel Legion
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    Tapani Sector
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