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Datunda, 29 Nelona, 12731

Braiding is a skill.

by Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

29 Nelona


1008:05:29 RR

I suppose I ought to get back in the habit of thinking in both calendar systems at the same time. We're going to be out here, outside the Tapani Sector and for that matter, we're not even in the Colonies Region at this point. We are in Tashtor Sector which, if I remember my one semester Galactic Astrogation seminar, is part of the Mid-Rim.

I went to do my bit downstairs, ensure as best we can that the current prisoners will not be future "Problems" flimsies. Two of them were not in their original makeshift cell. They were in the Stiydear Estate medbay -- burned, plus some other wounds.

Well ... frak. Reminder to me: make another Problems card, make sure Davish gets the half of the flimsi stack with that one. Captain Kolene and/or Spook define "Bad Cop" to include "create suffering".

I should have considered that possible.

I know that when star pirates try to leave that life behind, sometimes frustration with the non-crook path through life is a problem. (Why hasn't anyone ever recorded a decent, not-preachy holovid series on "So You're Transitioning Out of Piracy"?)

That's a thing for Future Me to review. In the immediate, I persuaded the current guards on duty that life would be easier if we take the remaining two Tilles Pirate Clan prisoners down to the medbay where they can all be watched at once.

Once I had all four in close proximity, I literally spread all of my flimsicards out on a table for a little Show 'n' Tell.

  • Here are several MMI Flimsies - Facts about critters reshaped by the Tor Ceti bone worms and their retrovirus.

  • Here's a particular pair of cards, currently number 152 and 153:
    A cargo of Tor Ceti creatures (and eggs thereof) are en route to Chalcedon.

    Part of Almon D'Joy's's plan involves trapping Zaye and her children on Chalcedon when it gets invaded by Tor Ceti creatures. The point is to force Grakkus the Hutt into open hostility against the Freedworlds Republic.

    And let's also note card 155:
    Four batches of Tor Cetian creatures shipping to Chalcedon.
    One shipment was in orbit on 1008:05:12 RR which would make it 12 Nelona 12731 TT.

  • Now, we persuaded somebody really good at snarling orders, you know the Fleet Commander Having A Bad Afternoon type, to try to recall those. He managed two of them. The other two were past the point where hyperspace signal transmission was being jammed.

  • Oh, right, about that signal transmission jamming, it's happening strongly around Chalcedon system, see card 100 here about Port Greymouth? Been going on for more than two months. Bloodsmith Raiders and Nightsister slave collectors have been using that to their advantage, but we don't have evidence that either of them designed the jamming array. It lets through just enough signals in both directions that no one realized trouble was brewing until, oh, in the Ruusan calendar we'd mark that as 1008:04:07 RR, I think. And since today is 05:29, that means we have not managed to fix it nor arrange an emergency shipment of the anti-worm topical spray for nearly twelve weeks.

    But, hey, let's not dwell on that just now. You have no reason to believe me on any of this. It's not like I have holovid to back up my claims.

  • On the other hand, I do have holovid on the Piotr Sparaval problem. Here's a few members of the Bonejackers swoop gang on Nar Shaddaa hinting to me that they were hired by Sparaval.

    Here's Problems card 28, it's got a video clip attached of Piotr Sparaval sniping Piotr Sparaval, I guess to make sure we did not get to ask either Sparaval maybe-hive-mind clone any questions about Sparaval's boss. By this time, we had good intel that Sparaval is working for an "eerie maniacal laughter" type who goes by Almon D'Joy.

    Free information: if Sparaval is willing to murder himself by one remove, just to tidy up any potential inconveniences to himself, I feel like you guys going back to working for him is a self-sabotaging idea. Also if you contact him with info, that means he knows you're still kicking and he might be able to trace you down.

  • Oh, hey, let me also hit a few notes on Almon D'Joy.
    All Bloodsmith Raiders on Nar Shaddaa are infected with a Mentat computer virus which can allow Almon D'Joy to speak through them.

    All Bloodsmith Raiders on Nar Shaddaa are infected with a Mentat computer virus which can allow Almon D'Joy to drain their entire internal power supply to ionize the host to death.

  • I have also got my own recording of an original security recording where D'Joy is ranting to some of his co-conspirators about why he is arranging all of this. It's lengthy. It's full of bananacrackers claims about various people and organizations. I'm not going to subject you to it. Just, believe me, this guy is indeed a smartypants but he is way out of his tree.

  • What else should I show you about D'Joy? What'd be useful to you for making your plans? Oh, I know: Here's a shaky bit from an afternoon two months ago in Port Nevermore where we fought a couple waves of Reavers from out of nowhere. No ship landing, first thing we knew was them lurching over the ridge toward the town gate. You catch in this, when we damage them enough, they kind of melt. Right? Second video attached here, Facts 63, we found behind a sand dune a fragging three-dee printer was making the things out of some weird algae slop.

  • Here's the weird bug things attacking Port Etmar the other day. Notice how they melt.

Now that we have gotten the relevant bits of Your Boss's Boss's Boss Ain't Worth It out of the way, gentlemen, I'll go over some options for a better tomorrow for you. Feel free to poke at my flimsicards if you want.

  • Here's Derma the Hutt. Here's Trenloe, his majordomo. Lord Derma is currently the broker who matches "workers needed" and "skills established" for the new nation, starting in Port Etmar and spreading out from there through the rest of the Freedworlds Republic. Let's just say that right now, he is busier than a half-dressed Sister of Battle in a fake-Reaver-printing factory.

  • Nobody is getting out of this system before all hell breaks loose. Not at this point. D'Joy won't want independent narratives out there in the greater Galaxy. Also I have a circumstantial reason to think he has a Boss who isn't telling him everything. And anyway, this isn't a holovid drama. There's no neat, tidy, single Mastermind Mir'sheb with pruny fingers who is the ultimate motivator for all the Galaxy's problems. Too many variant interests have clashing reasons to feed on the isolation of Chalcedon system this month, you gents cannot possibly account for all of them in one dash.

You want to live?

A month from now, you want to do well?

That's doable. That just takes plodding, steady work. If I didn't have a contract to fret, I'd be doing it already. Since I can't, well, somebody might as well get a chance at using my plan instead.

Establish yourself as a useful neighbor to know -- not to me, nobody cares what I think. I don't plan to be here a month from now anyhow. But go to Etmar, get involved in building defenses -- and boosting the signal strength at BSS Traffic Control -- and, hell, assemble sandwiches at the public canteen. Define yourself as "Old Reliable" for some skill you've always had that is not "underpaid Tilles Clan thug".

As for these folks here at Stiydear? Ehh. If you are not on the checklist for troubles, current or future, then they are just as happy to see the back of you. They have -- we have -- too long a list as it is. My plan, the one I'm offering you to use instead, said that if I established myself as a useful cog in Etmar then by next month, people like the Vorbaize Clan would naturally consider me a go-between.

I would steer clear of everyone in this "gladiator" nonsense, though, as if they were MLM grifters. Which they probably are: Gladiatorial fighting is not a moneymaking venture. For anyone. It's a cover for something else.

Even before you figure the startup debits on that three-dee combatant printer abomination.

I dunno if my team can talk the Vorbaize Pirate Clan into sending you off in a proper vehicle. I think so, in the cost-benefit analysis of "let's send one problem away" combined with "maybe you four will spread some of this intelligence around other clan goons, show them an easier way to survive comfortably than the brief life of a disposable thug". I know that if they go along, it won't have functional weapons or more than the barest minimum of survival supplies.


And then I leaned back, inviting questions.

Ghas Vandt, Devaronian in charge of the raid, took to the presentation of facts sooner than his crew. He decided to lay out some tips for me in trade, which are getting scribbled onto flimsicards whenever I am waiting a few minutes for something else (like a holonet connection):

  1. This attack was a decoy to keep Vorbaize Clan distracted away from another Tilles raid.

  2. Vandt's team was essentially sent to fail. The storm was a lot stronger than they expected, but really they did not expect to get anywhere.

  3. Seriously that thundersand hurricane got powerful mighty fast.

  4. Whatever the raid was, they will not have made it back to stash their acquisitions.

  5. Check the farms north and south of the Kessora Mountains.

  6. Be prepared to have to go into the Kessora Mountains for the Tilles HQ.

Okay, hopefully the rest of our group has got some info that will let us work; I can pile this atop it.

After I record and send a couple of messages!




Subj: Baize mission status report

Hi, guys.

Pardon the grime. There was a, oh my head. "Sandstorm" plus "lightning" multiplied by "hurricane". We are fine, we all got inside thick stone walls before it smacked us, no Stavin-esque hijinx for any of us. We even got our shuttle and Kolene's X-Wing into a hangar before they could get scoured.

Whole place is on water rationing, obviously.

But -- look, Doc, I'm doing the skin pinch test. See? Normal rate of recovery. I have had a couple mugs of caf and a snack. I do not need to be stunned and shoved into a humidifier tent. I know you worry. I love you for it. So I am starting off with proof: We are okay. Just filthy.


I presume that whatever Fuzzy Eyebrows arranged to embugger my Holonet account, it's still a factor. I probably have eavesdroppers. Hi, eavesdroppers! Have fun analyzing for hidden messages!

Obviously I'm not going to relate our Awesome Extremely Classified Strategies via holonet message. Which are strategies we definitely have, absolutely. But here are the hints for the eavesdroppers to study.

One: Primary meeting with Lord Erenn Baize has been concluded. Also a secondary and tertiary meeting. I did the Obnoxious Bureaucratic Pot-Stirrer thing. My name may well be mud with some of the Vorbaize Clan, for entirely fair reasons. A result of these meetings is that four ex-Tilles goons will probably slog to Port Etmar and look for the jobs board. They are not of significance to your chore list nor mine, I just wanted to give you the heads up that they might show. Rico, the elltee-type among them is a Devaronian who goes by "Gaz Vant", spelled "grek-herf-aurek-senth vev-aurek-nern-dorn-trill". If he was Beskar, I'd trip him so he faceplants into Goss's Drone Wars League for a while, just to see how that turned out in six months.

Two: We are not coming directly back to Etmar. We will go simplify the overall warlord-pogo situation. I'll update you again before we divert to the whole Stavin checklist.

So'Zen is currently So'Zen, by the by. Not much to tell there. If he relapses, I'll confiscate the hazards again.

Three: ...

... Uhh. Reese and So'Ze determined ...

Kriff. I probably shouldn't broadcast this one on a compromised holovid. But trying to avoid one potential enemy use-case is more problematic than hearing Reese do the Arena Sportscaster voiceover. The hell with it. The "Keen Science Duo" uncovered significant evidence that brain-in-jar-in-spider-droid monks either built this place, or converted it. I am a little unclear on that last bit, I was busy going, you know, "Whaddaya mean, we have B'omarr artifacts in the sub-basement?!"

Please, for the love of The Force, grab Sabine Tri'elle and Master Kit'Sedda and a few species-appropriate mild intoxicant beverages, and explain creepy brains ... in jars ... in spider mechas. Other people can be present too, but get that concept imparted.

Which ties in to Four, after which I'm signing off: I am going to give the Polite Henchwoman edition of this summary in a group message to a lot of authority figures on the planet. I can't do those two because I do not have holonet contact addresses for either of them. Jenkins, love, if you can charm usable contact info out of them and forward those to Davish, we would be much obliged.

As a matter of ethical responsibility, I am going to include the Adeptas in that message group. I absolutely do not want you ruffians signing up to join the "Purge the Unclean" Fiesta that I just know they want to host. For one thing, the correct host for such a party is Erenn Vorbaize, not Canoness Commander Agnuya Ogerine and her Wacky Lasses. It's his basement! For another thing, I just. ...

I don't want you lads anywhere near the Honloo Dust Ocean this month.

I don't know why.

Not yet, anyway.

It's either a matter of knowing the Beskar are all inoculated against Tor Ceti infections, which makes you potential linchpins in the current Freedworlds situation, or else it's this whole Dr. Zack Stavin pile.

I saw giant trapdoor spiders when the two of you were getting a surprise upright nap, couple of days ago. And now there used to be, maybe still are, giant spider mechas? Let's not push that metaphor too hard.

I trust you to make good decisions, vode. Regardless of my input or preferences.

I will write when I get work. Promise!

May the Force be with you.




To: Chancellor Nalerine Kanter, Derma the Hutt, Mand’alor Asajj Ventress, Mistress Belshanna, Lord Errol Vondromas, Questor Satina, Cannoness Commander Agnuya Ogerine, Lady Zaye Grakkus Kerplocken

cc: Imperial Consort Yeager Lexics, Trenloe, Quanor Al Fayed, Kal Holst, Captain Vorysadora

Subj: Baize mission status report

If some of you could please forward this report to Noxarin Salbur and Mister Anatoli Cuylin, I would be most humbly grateful. I just realized that I do not have direct contact info for either of them.

I believe that my HoloNet account has been infested with some server-side subroutines that make anything transmitting from or to me also duplicate themselves to at least one unauthorized party. I also have something of a time crunch; hence, my group message to all of you rather than individually crafted updates.

Our conference on behalf of the Freedworlds Republic with the Vorbaize Pirate Clan has produced some early results. General Kerplocken likely will update the Chancellor with pertinent details soon.

I have circumstantial evidence that the B'omarr Order is at least nominally active. And inquisitive. Cannoness Commander, you will need introductions to the primary authority of each suspected enclave, once the Imperial Consort's current responsibilities allow some time. I recommend your cordial attention to Mr. Trenloe or Mistress Belshanna. Also you probably will want to make a trip to the ruins of Port Tanin but please for the love of the Steel Rose, proceed with caution.

The Tilles Pirate Clan is currently involved in water spillage, slave-based gladiatorial merchandizing, prospector claim-jumping, theft and redistribution of weapons shipments ... and at this point I would also believe "investment opportunities in the exciting market of Bespoke Cosh-Braiding". Our itinerary includes a cosh demonstration opportunity they are not inviting. Don't wait up for us.

For those among you who like forewarning of such events, I suppose I should mention that part of our itinerary also involves an ancient Dark Side locus that is not Tanin. I do not know if that will happen within the current standard day.

The subsurface of this continent has a lot more ancient mass-transit tunnels than I would have guessed. Please have your security folks do deeper scans than just to the level of the hypothetical water table.

Lord Derma, I'll keep sending your division more skilled workers. I have not confirmed anyone yet with construction experience in subterranean shelters. I know you need something that could hold up to orbital bombardment. You might need to confer with Mistress Belshanna if you can't find a few Tapani engineers.

End of message. May the Force be with you.



Right, then. So'ze says he's got this -- the "this" being "explain the immediate plan" to the rest of our slapdash troupe. I'm going to take my fastest possible sonic shower, get a little of this grit out of my pores.


Confound it, woman!

Derma the Hutt via HoloNet reply message

After the shower, I retrieve my clothes from the touch-up cycle of the 'fresher and head for someplace with raw veggie snacks. And a little more caf. I need to shove some nutrition in my face as we gear up for the rescue job.

Baize told Davish that it's fine for us to borrow that attack shuttle. We've also got two winged jetpack jobbies.

Cap'n Kolene goes after the single escort, a something-170, while Davish maneuvers to get a good management angle on the LAATi gunship.

Hicks my love, you're a pilot.
— Vanya to Hicks on a voice-only HoloNet call

I am! That's what people say about me! Have been for a long time!
I haven't done anything to you today....
— Hicks to Vanya

Apparently there's this landing system control lever right in the center of the cockpit console. Shinies used to bump into it all the dang time, making ridiculous amounts of trouble. The ship would auto-land regardless of current flight plan.

So if I pull a Kenobi, instead of spending this whole rescue being supercargo -- which makes me a poor reflection on the dignity of the Order, given that So'Zen is doing some genius young-people stunts to the enemy escort's shields -- I can be an active contributor. I can go in there and distract the guards while the rescuees swarm the landing lever!


That was an energetic fight. I have additions to my bruise collection.

Reese says the meetup point is on the southeastern end of the Needle Forest. None of the ex-prisoners have any idea why they would be brought there.

I had to derail briefly to tell Spook that the Beskar get dibs on anything "as old as I am". Meaning, Clone Wars or Republic era.

From: vy_pi at

To: goss at, hicks at

bcc: rico at

Subj: Got you a souvenir


Vode, look, I found you a life size playset! even better than the toy in a Crackerjack Box or a Happy Meal!

See attached:

ü sandy_laati.gif

From: vy_pi at

To: rico at

Subj: Re: souvenir


Don't let them come get it. Make them send a tow repulsorbarge. Reese is checking now for mean tricks.

From: hicks at

To: vy_pi at

Subject: RE: Got you a souvenir


Well, I've not seen one of those in a long time. I wonder if it has the "security alarm" leads run from the battery core to the datacore?

Now that this half of the rescue is completed, with Vorbaize Clan backup en route to take custody of the four prisoners and transport the ex-prisoners to safety, our group needs to determine our next step. There are people in need of a swift rescue; unfortunately, those were taken from the Honloo Dust Ocean for transport to some undisclosed facility at the south end of the Needle Forest.

Captain Kolene reiterates her very sensible point that we need to clear out those Stiydear Estate tunnels where Lord Vorbaize bricked up some dormant B'omarr bodies.

I am NOT in favor of leaving an enemy behind me. Too easy to get shot that way
— Captain Aerena Kolene makes a tactically sound judgment

Meanwhile, Reese has an equally arresting point: Why is the expense of multiple raids, with fighter escort, worth corralling subsistence farmers for transport to a distant location? Uncooperative, non-consenting, noncombatants. Who don't have an exclusive skill set. Who are honestly worth more in place, running their farms, producing taxable or salable resources, than they would be as basic mob fodder for a single betting event.

If we don't save them now, we do not expect there will be anybody to be saved later.

I know what the decision has to be. Ethically. Tactically. But as I told Aerena, I don't want to find out that all of Vorbaize Clan has been bodysnatched, neither! I will have some burden of blame if we take off to go rescue the prospectors from an unknown threat while leaving the staff at Stiydear to get their own brains shoved into jars so creepy B'omarr can occupy their bodies.

I hate this stuff. I wish somebody else on the team would lay out a clear strategic argument in favor of a plan sequence.

Instead of us all staring at one another.

So'Zen is good at sensing a path through the eddies of the Force. I'll ask him how much time we have got to deal with other stuff before the Stiydear obelisk -- which, in a certain point of view, is an antenna for the Light -- gets fogged by darkness.


Soze says he thinks the B'omarr are busy in contemplation of something in the ruins under the sea. (Where there might be Eborreans to interact with.) He feels that they might have left their cutting torches on Baize's side of the blast door.

Reese says he wants to see what the obelisks point to, to make sure nobody uses it as a weapon, but he agrees that halting a kidnapping is a more immediate priority.

Vanya: ... On the third hand, this feels like yet another distraction away from what we set out to do.

Aerena: That has been at least four hundred objectives ago - what did we set out to do??

Vanya: Escort some archaeological artifacts back to the Jedi Temple. And along the way, try to pick up clues why Davish's entire religious order is getting killed or vanished. As I recall, we got shot to hell back on Bonfire Night and nearly died, and lost the stuff we were escorting. Everything since has been catchup.

Aerena: Well, we did discover why Davish's entire order was - handled
— Shards of Exploration: A Summary


I have got to get myself organized.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

(release all the jitters into the Force)

Jenkins is right: I'm not alone. I don't have to do everything.

I open my eyes and lay out a plan, inviting anybody at all plus Vance in particular to riposte, amend, or contradict:

  • We're going to call up the Sisters of Battle, who have had an hour to stew after I infodumped.

  • We're going to see what their timeline is for a Purge Fiesta.

  • We're going to find out how fast Lord Baize can run on a rolling powder keg.

  • Anybody who wants to supervise the Sisters of Battle doing a Purge, this might take up your schedule for the next few days. But you'll have an energetic time!

  • Whoever's not on Purge Fiesta Decor Duty, we'll go rescue the other prisoners, and make the Tilles raiders feel in their guts the true depth of their bad life choices.

  • And once that's done, maybe we can show up late to the Fiesta with party favors.

  • Finding the next Obelisk can wait until nobody's in immediate danger of getting their brains munched or whatever.
  • — the intern Battle Master cadges together a basic plan for the party to demolish

While Vance does say he sees no obvious flaws, this leads into a side conversation about how the Adepta are not Bene Gesserits. They keep their hair on, they carry guns and flamethrowers. And detcord. And bacta patches.

Lord Erenn finishes sorting out the immediate ex-prisoner recovery work to step in. Bene Gesserits? He heard that much. Does he need to set up surface to air weapons? No; these aren't Bennies. Different Orange Catholic group, more like classic armor-wearing knights from the ancient sagas.

We have another round of each segment updating the ally segment as Vorbaize Pirate Clan gets ready to depart. Then I make the call, connecting to Palatine Jula Brisina and offering a chance at doing two good deeds!

  1. Significant indicators of not-entirely-dormant B'omarr Monks. Yes. I am ready to introduce you to the lord of the first confirmed monastery site we have identified, although I also have reason to expect many satellite offices under the continent surface. The lord in question is a responsible, honorable man

  2. who wishes a genetic check of the possibility that he may be distantly related to "young Lord Byerly Vorrutyer". Why? He merely wishes to know his heritage.

Which is the first hint Lord Vorbaize gets from us that we think his father might have been a Vorrutyer. He can't process it now because he just got a Perfect Etiquette presentation made to him of this lady in Very Serious Armor. She needs to exchange contact info and a preliminary description of the Unclean That Is To Be Purged. By the time he gets a chance to think about this Byerly Vorrutyer thing, first, the emotional smack will have worn off a little; and second, we'll be offski!


I missed some stuff because I was having to do a hard reset of my datapad. I think Vance and Reese did a similar "combination infodump and pot-stir" on Chancellor Kanter and Lord Derma? Good, that gets the official Freedworlds Republic government up to date.

Anyway, I look up and suddenly Vance is looking to me and asking my estimate of what Grakkus the Hutt might have in the way of capabilities. Because this place we're headed in the Needle Forest, the place the kidnap victims are to be delivered, belongs to Grakkus. Vance wants to know what pertinent info about Grakkus did I gather during all that time I spent on Nar Shaddaa.

Hoo boy.

I'll do as requested. Absolutely. Yes. I'm a Jedi, that's what I do.

Danar and I have been friends for a long time. He can ask things of me that would get a humorous redirect to a more casual acquaintance.

Good thing Davish has those "restaurant mints", though.


I said it. Almost everything.

I do not get a Betan vote on how anyone takes it. Or what they do with it.

Not mine to decide.

Now that we are loading into the attack shuttle, I'm going to take a minute to just release all of that into the Force. Check my inner equilibrium.


Our route took us over Etmar's edges. I missed most of it. I guess the Spartan Imperium is getting a tour of the big green light show?

But now we are on approach to the Needle Forest, which has got that thick misty fog going on like last time. Some small craft race through the stone needles to prove who's the better high-speed survivor.

So'Zen and I decided to try out a thing as a supplement to the mechanical sensor suites of the two vehicles.

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