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MMI Flimsies - Problems

Originating Date: 12730:10:33
Where are they?
Originating Date: 12730:10:33
Who's chasing them?
DT: Update 15 Nelona 12731: security recording shows
fallen Mentat Almon D'Joy
instructing allies that CK must be wiped out
V: claims they are true threat created by Mace Windu Sr
V: allies include Jacques Legrange, Silar Mins, unnamed Eborrean
Originating Date: 12731:01:15
Exclamation Points instructed me to stay away from Chalcedon.
I did not.
Someday they will have Firm Statements on that topic.
Originating Date: 12731:01:15

Who is stealing Church of the Force cultural artifacts, killing to do it?


Are we sure it's not that Ferrin the Collector guy?

Originating Date: 12731:03:07
Bodysnatching parasite symbiote hive-mind thingies.
  • Might have to do with Spartan Imperium
  • Might have to do with a new-to-me "organized crime syndicate"
  • both?
Originating Date: 12731:03:07
AMOEBOID Composites

Originating Date: 12731:04:10
put a kill order out

We need to set aside time to explain AT LENGTH how much this is a TERRIBLE IDEA
Originating Date: 12731:04:10
Derma the Orchid Loving Hutt

We agreed to relocate him, his staff, his orchids, his household
=} He's now ALSO contract employer of former Undercity low income workers  
Originating Date: 12731:04:08
  Who the haar'chak keeps swirling up Reavers out in these reaches of space??  
Originating Date: 12731:04:08
  Where do the "Thousand Stars" and their pyramidal SSD fit into
  • anything?
  • everything?
Originating Date: 12731:04:10

Tentacle Face Dudes

Eat life force
of sentient people
AK: They are also rude,
but have really cool ships.
I took one for my personal use
Originating Date: 12731:04:10

Some Hutts -- including Grakkus -- got upset about Undercity
They put an open bounty on all Jedi
They declared a "shadow war"

V: Update: I have advised Old Folks' Home about same, and requested that someone
get tasked to go to Chalcedon and sort it out.
Originating Date: 12731:04:13

Andan Jouric
Galaxy Sector Ranger
and his protectee Pek Rondoon
witnessed the robbery of House Vormecetti property, to wit: Tor Ceti critters, by Bloodsmith Raiders and associates on a cruise ship.

V: Fun side thing:
"No Guts No Glory"
by Phil Galdston and John Van Tongeren
does not amuse Andan
but still amuses me
I am such a nerd

V: Update 12 Nelona 12731: it turns out Hicks was there too. And it was specifically the Thunder Maiden.

Originating Date: 12731:04:13
Slavery = Bad
I'm on Nar Shaddaa
Originating Date: 12731:04:13
Originating Date: 12731:04:32
  An arena fight a day

will eventually kill me
but buy Andan Jouric time to heal  
Originating Date: 12731:04:13


DT: Darling? You wrote this early in the month we were apart.
DT: Any memory of what made this a separate "Problems" flimsicard?
V: Oh! yes. He came along on Boba Fett fetching me to Nar Shaddaa.
Not by request or invitation.
Just walked onboard. Converted a cell to be his cabin.
V: I think my busted arm bothered him?
V: Anyway. He was gonna stick around on Hutt Central and make trouble.
Which meant he was going straight back into the pit.
V: I persuaded him to go back to Chalcedon system.
Update parties as to the Arena thing.
And Grakkus versus Grakor.
Be a Big Damn Hero.
DT: Great! Thanks for expanding.
V: np
DT: It stays in the "Problems" pile, because
upon return to Chalcedon, none of that is what he did.
V: What?!?
DT: Except the "Big Damn Hero" bit.
Originating Date: 12731:04:25

Lord Solicitor Londo Mollari
is in this mess
at my specific invitation

13 Nelona 12731: and I gave my word to speak with him "tomorrow"
that was yesterday

V: Update 14 Nelona 12731: spoke over holocall on 13th,
spoke in person half an hour ago today
Originating Date: 12731:04:25

is a complete sentence.
With eye-roll.
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Things from Tor Ceti are on the way to infest Chalcedon  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Things from Tor Ceti are virulently infectious and mutagenic
V: Update 14 Nelona 12731: Info sent to Dr. Simon Tam to create a vaccine and/or remedy
Originating Date: 12731:05:13
  Almon D'Joy may have figured out a successful direct path to toss obstinately optimistic Jedi Knight VN Ysadora to the Dark Side.
Good work, dude.
This one's persnickety.
AK: Update 29 Nelona 12731: he failed, but it was a gosh darn good try
Originating Date: 12731:05:12
  Someone stole the Kylo's Star.
Spook thought one of us did it as a prank.
V: Update 15 Nelona 12731: We have it back!
It has been looted.
Three times.
Originating Date: 12731:05:12
  "Vance Kerplocken" has been assassinated
several times
Uh oh.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:12
  Danar Vorpadaran has been "burned"
=} and has no money/funds  
Originating Date: 12731:05:13
  Gilberto Bartlebee the Cub Reporter
got blown up  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Grakkus the Hutt thinks Almon D'Joy will protect Grakkus' daughter Zaye from the Tor Ceti Critter assault.
He will not.
But Grakkus is not making decisions based on his daughter's and grandkids' actual chances of survival.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:13
  Piotr Sparaval
* is probably a clone of Piotr Sparaval
* is working for/with Almon D'Joy
* kills himself to keep quiet. That's extra creepy.
AK: Update 29 Nelona 12731: has been named as a conspirator
in the assassination attempts of 'what's-her-name'
Originating Date: 12731:05:13

Piotr Sparaval kidnapped Genog Druqod probably at behest of Almon D'Joy in order to manipulate the Gamesman and also redirect us. He took Genog down to the highly polluted sublevels of Nar Shaddaa.

V: Update: Rescued Genog.
Found out what he's like in a fight.
Still haven't confirmed what we were being redirected away from.
Still have not told Gamesman that Genog is secured.
Originating Date: 12731:05:13
  Some poor broker working for a smuggler Hutt named Carli has been kidnapped by agents of Tigu the Hutt of Zortu Kajidic. Took him upward, possibly into taller buildings of Corellian Sector.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:13

Grakor the Hutt showed VN Ysadora a saferoom full of artifacts, and wants her to figure out what should be done with it.
Some rival Hutts such as Grakkus have been trying to acquire such things for negative purposes.

V: Update: So'Zen Al Saba communicated to Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas
the need for a low-profile "touristy" visit to straighten out an issue.
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  We rescued Genog Druqod. We acquired a new travel companion/information resource named Talow Kit'Sedda. We got into a kerfluffle with the Bloodsmith Raiders that is not going to endear us to anyone. Mostly good, except the kerfluffle shows the Adepta Sororitas got robbed by the Bloodsmiths and that is going to result in fireballs. Inevitably.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Captain Aerena Kolene has been smuggling around an Exclamation Point political leader named Queen Sabine Tr'ielle. Who needs a physical, silicone-based body.
V: Update: "We can solve that bit,"
said several people in Faultline.
And then they did.
I'm not saying that is one LESS problem.
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Vanya got impatient with other people's dipwittery. She introduced Bloodsmith Raider Kal Holst directly to Sabine Tr'ielle. She badgered Holst into telling Queen Tr'ielle his entire Tragic Origin With Horrific Eborrean Secrets, on the understanding that Queen Tr'ielle had every reason to wish Holst ill and none to do him a good turn.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14

Containment force fields smothering Ole Town Sector
with toxic gas generators inside fields
with Reaver assault in progress
Talow Kit'Sedda says Almon D'Joy is bending the Living Force away from people inside Ole Town Sector

DT: Update: Solved. Painfully. But how did Eyebrows do that in the first place?
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Davish has a hole in his side. Vanya has a hole through her thigh. None of our team is really in tournament shape right now.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14

The Kotera is now locked down by Bureau of Ships and Services

DT: Update: Lockdown lifted!
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Allegedly Kylo's Star found drifting in orbit near a gas giant
supposedly found by BuShips  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  I am not as stable as I thought.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Everything I do makes things worse.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14

Where is the Gamesman Jem Vandos?
And Genog Druqod and Talow Kit'Sedda?

V: Update: Kidnapped on LIVE HOLOVID while Danar Vorpadaran was dangling off the edge of the Kotera

V: Further update: This is bizarre.
When we got back to Nar Shaddaa with the Kylo's Star for emergency repairs and supplies, BuShips had Talow Kit'Sedda waiting for us.
Only him! Not the Gamesman or his Champion.
Master Kit'sedda says he was as surprised to see the livestream of himself being kidnapped as anybody else was. He had disembarked from the rental shuttle to follow Aldwin while Genog managed the traffic cops. He could not get through the crowd to catch up. He was still in the bettors' lounge when the livestream started.
So who was the other kidnapped person, disguised to look like Master Kit'Sedda?
How did anybody, especially Fuzzy Eyebrows whose notice Master Kit'Sedda particularly avoided for years, have a sufficiently accurate multidimensional image recording in order to code that disguise?

DT: At least BoSS was able to get him back to the Star before we left system.
Originating Date: 12731:05:14

Ivan Vorpatril was (involuntarily?) kidnapped from a SPORTSBALL ARENA where he was supposedly Meeting Paramour

Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Ivan Vorpatril was (involuntarily?) impersonating Almon D'Joy  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Ivan Vorpatril, upon being freed from involuntary control, got kidnapped by Almon D'Joy and a bounty hunter whose name we don't recognize  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  If Jem Vandos has been kidnapped on live holovid:

Who is running the Kotera?

V: Update: we got Lord Solicitor Londo Mollari
wedged into place as regent/whatever,
with Bureau of Ships and Services backing
and all the pro gladiators as support personnel.
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Kal Holst started growing crystals in his body. They glow green. They cause bluish-white light to emit from his hands.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  Kal Holst became a Bloodsmith Raider because Eborrean raiders sneak up to a planet populated with sentients, and then eat them. Nobody is passing the word around that this is happening. Nobody is trying to stop this. The Bloodsmith Raiders blame the known Force Orders for not getting involved. They disbelieve any suggestion that we were clueless. The Bloodsmith Raiders are acting in secret to take drastic measures against the Eborreans.
Keeping this all secret makes it easier for the Eborreans to keep eating people.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  In order for Vanya to get through a populated area of the Kotera in a reasonable amount of time, an associate impersonates her for autographs and selfies.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:14

According to Lord Solicitor Londo Mollari, the Kotera can no longer do long-distance travel.

V: Update: Captain Rath Ores of Bureau of Ships and Services
says he'll loan us a shuttle to get to the Star
provided Cap'n Kolene agrees to meet him for a booze-date later.
Originating Date: 12731:05:14

The Gamesman has been blackmailed to let his ships be used
1) to transport Tor Ceti Critters to Chalcedon system
2) to lay beacons from a place in wild space on a direct path to Nar Shaddaa

DT: Update: "Regent" Mollari will attempt to recall some of those ships.
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
stealing the Kylo's Star
V: Update: So'Zen Al Saba negotiated deal:
We rescue missing Jawas on Dotera + return memory core from base
Captain Etchup'eh quits claim on Kylo's Star
V: Update '731:05:15 morning: Solved! And everyone is still breathing.
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
  There is something OLD and SUPER EVIL on Dotera
V: Update '731:05:15 morning: Might be traveling with us now in spirit.
Originating Date: 12731:05:14
Oh hi Mr. Cuylin (spelling??)
We did not mean to wake you up
Also I was trying to apologize for waking you up and then being busy in a fight, but you took it as "Jedi dame apologizing for, basically, Jedi existing".
V: Update: It's like being yelled at by Spar
Force rest 'im
I'm okay with agreeing to his rant
and admitting Jedi at fault for past dumb moves
our predecessors did make some dumb moves
also it costs me nothing to cede perceived superiority
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
Now that we have Kylo's Star free and clear of Jawa clan Tompesh, we still have to figure our way past the trapped airlocks.
Placer charges connect two thermal detonators to life scanners.
Each charge has a mercury switch which will trigger if the charge is moved one micron. Or jostled.
DT: Update: Solved! 12731:05:15 about 10:00 a.m.
Further content moved to later flimsicard on 12731:05:15 at 11:55 a.m.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
There's a holodisk inside the Kylo's Star waiting to taunt us a second time.
DT: Update: SaS passed around 3 security vids of 3 looting parties.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
Once Jawa clan Tompesh cleared out, a Hutt Sun-Raider ship popped into our vicinity. With five starfighter escorts.
They're in position to start a fight.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
Copied from earlier flimsi:
V: Who said "hey six free Thermal Dets" in our team?
DT: Good question. I did not notice.
Split 'em even Steven between me'n Mr. C. -- H
DT: That's a relief!
left Lord Danar a couple of Cee Fourteens in trade. -- H
V: You what??
Needed room on my belt. -- H
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
Cap'n Kolene says there are 3 Eborrean starfighters coming our way. They look somewhat-kinda-sorta like this thing out of a holodrama I once saw. Except the round bit in the middle is like a gimbal that all the wings can rotate around in at least a full circle, possibly any arc around the sphere for all we know. And it can use that technique to abruptly change direction of motion.
V: Update: Solved! Cap'n Kolene blew two of them up and worked with Hicks and Aldwin to batter the third until he could be isolated from the parasite puppeteer thingy.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
  Here's the Kintan Pilgrim all leaky and battle damaged needing a rescue.
V: Update: As it happens, we're finally in the Kylo's Star!
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
Three looting parties raided the Kylo's Star after it left Nar Shaddaa.
1. Crimson Nova led by Aurra Sing
2. Commandoes-maybe- CIA
3. Piotr Sparaval and Nassha Tomesta stole Lord Danar's wardrobe trunk.
So'Zen's astromech and my little buddy Omatron smuggled themselves away on the vessel of that last looting party.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
I wonder if Eborreans are any relation to Quarrens?
DT: This is a Problems card?
Yeppers. Follow:
1. This would indicate that not all of the Eborreans left this galaxy after the war against the Exclamation Points.
2. Which suggests that even back then, the Eborreans were no more a monolith culture than the Aw'akeen.
DT: We don't subscribe to the Planet of Hats philosophy anyhow.
3. Ergo, some jackass is working hard to keep it "All Eborreans" vs "Team Snacks".
DT: I nominate D'Joy.
4. Quarrens evolved to thrive in high-atmospheric-pressure environments. Deep sea. That kind of thing.
5. They're going to be really good at high-G maneuvers in space combat.
6. In space combat, I'm about as useful as a kloo horn at a sniper fight.
Vanya, Razak won a bar bet once by turning a kloo horn
into a controller for a drone weapon. - H
V: Funny guy. Missing my point!
7. So I'm more use to the effort if I figure out a way to get a Quarren pilot dizzy and then apply it to our Eborrean problems.
8. Such as: ruin their concentration on firing solutions.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15

This Eborrean starfighter pilot guy feels extremely strongly about erasing whatever message Jedi Knight Mez'zazo shipped on the Kintan Pilgrim. Can't dissuade him onto a better future.

V: Update: stuck So'Zen Al Saba with the problem. He solved it.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
  I don't know if this is a Facts card or a Problems card: the Eborreans are infected with the creepy parasite puppeteer things!  
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
  We need to follow the trail of So'Zen's astromech Bishop and Davish's Omatron (what, seriously, what is an Omatron?) to wherever the most dangerous of our 3 robber teams went next  
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
  We need to stop the Thousand Stars ship from messing around on Yavin IV. They may not have the correct sort of equipment.  
Originating Date: 12731:05:15

Which means we have to go to Yavin IV.

V: Don't wanna!
DT: I know, hon. There, there.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
  The Thousand Stars have firmly adopted a policy of "Murder 'em all, it's the only way to be sure."  
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
  What the heck does Caressa Drakon have to do with the Eborrean raiders?  
Originating Date: 12731:05:15
  What the osik does the Infinity Gate and/or the "hyperway" have to do with Caressa Drakon, the Eborrean raiders, and the Thousand Stars?  
Originating Date: 12731:05:15

There's an Eborrean base fully functioning on Monorik VI which is a moon that Davish, Aerena, and So'Zen spent some time on.

DT: See also Port Greymouth, durasteel mining colony
Originating Date: 12731:05:15

Where'd the dark side ghosty guy go?

V: Oh, he's still around.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15

The Kylo's Star is not in great shape.

DT: Having a Hawkbat strapped on top is not doing it any favors either, poor thing.
Originating Date: 12731:05:15

The Kylo's Star is not designed to carry this many passengers, either.

V: Guess we're bunking in one of the cargo holds?
DT: And sleeping in shifts.
V: Hicks and Mr. C can probably share the cabin we were using.
DT: I'll pass the word to So'Zen.
DT: It'll be like summer camp!
V: Except for the altitude sickness. And the frigid wash-ups.
DT: We have to share two refreshers, but overall we're much better off!.
Sounds like you two had some godawful summer camps.
I say that as an ARC whose "summer camps" were field training.
Are you okay? - H
V: We're great! Clean clothes, comfy temps, no Jaekris.
DT: You had a Jaekris at summer camp too?!!
V: She pilfered everyone's hair supplies.
DT: Ours kept stomping on other people's feet!
Anybody ever tell you two that you're a little weird? - H
[V: Update 29 Nelona 12731: Sent the KS back to estate of late owner.
DT: You gotta see the new ship I bought!
Originating Date: 12731:05:26

Here we are in Chalcedon system.

What the CROM is going on here?!

You guys didn't leave the everybody-fight-everybody turned on when you departed, did you?

Originating Date: 12731:05:26

Long-term problem: in a dogfight, I'm mostly dead weight.

DT: Hon, in starfighter combat, most folks are dead weight.
DT: Your perspective is skewed because you spend a lot of time around amazing fighter pilots like Aerena.
V: You're pretty amazing yourself.
Originating Date: 12731:05:26

Why are intrasystems communications so quiet? There's a fight on!

Update: Solved! So'Zen Al Saba dealt with whatever was going on.

Originating Date: 12731:05:26
per Master Sergeant Jenkins via encrypted comms

Count Gavril Vorpadaran has officially stated that his youngest son Danar Vorpadaran is getting married.

I'm pretty sure this is unexpected and unwelcome news to Danar.

V: Also I hesitate to describe this as in any way characteristic of milord Count.
DT: Also also: that whole "a different culture says a prior marriage exists" thing.
Originating Date: 12731:05:26
per Master Sergeant Jenkins via encrypted comms

I am by far not the only person who has experienced massive disruptions in the ability to send or receive communications via HoloNet. How colossal of a coordinated, ongoing effort would anyone have to arrange in order to disrupt this much of a galaxy-wide decentralized, redundancy-filled system?

Originating Date: 12731:05:26
Fun Fact:

When you're a reigning monarch who just arrived on the sands of a separate government, no matter how nascent that government, you are absolutely obligated to Announce the Presence to the official government's representatives!

The obligation gets only stronger when more than one other organization with resources may sincerely consider dropping a large bomb on the planet just to splat that particular monarch.

Update: We decided that this is a diplomatic problem.
We dumped it happily on So'Zen Al Saba's montrals.
He took Queen Sabine Tri'elle of the Shalent
and her diplomatic associate
Kal Holst of the Bloodsmith Raiders
off to meet Chancellor Nalerine Kanter.
Originating Date: 12731:05:26

This Mentat is being extremely choosy in what he says and in how he says it.

Something is up!

Originating Date: 12731:05:26

The Fremen tactics in the fight to defend their Freedworlds Republic involve a doorbuster mortar. They launch it to attach onto enemy vehicles, especially legged "walker" types. The persistent banging noise gives most sentients with functional audio organs a migraine, sure!

It also summons natives of Chalcedon way up from the deeper sands.

This would be arguably unethical but effective if it got the destroyer-sized sandworms (but it won't, the sands near Port Etmar are not deep enough) or the predatory sand-swimming shark scorpion critters.

Unfortunately it draws in Aur'rook ... who arrive in a foul temper!

V: Be right back! I found out exactly whose idea this was!
V: Goss is in so much trouble from his Chaplain right now.
V: I'm gonna assign the smart alecky Cpl to negotiating an ethically sound agreement with the Aur'rook.
Also several stomach crunches.
Originating Date: 12731:05:26

Reese activated the food delivery droids that have spent decades dormant in the Port Etmar substructure.

Two of my favorite tech geniuses tell me that there are some problems laced throughout the operating code of these droids.

V: I feel like this is A problem
V: but not really MY problem.
Originating Date: 12731:05:29
per Lord Erenn Baize

There's something called the Chalcedon Trade Guild which is in an employer/employee relationship with the Tilles Pirate Clan.

Possibly also Black Sun.

And has been doing worse than "merely" heavily exploiting the local moisture farmers and wreck salvagers.

They're tossing the exploited into gladiator pits, too.

Basically this qualifies as a "rival government" to contest the Freedworlds Republic.

I mentioned the whole "Reese Pieces makes a markedly effective Arena Combat Sportscaster" thing. Right?

V: Sometimes life hands you foreshadowing
V: in a minor key
V: but played at eardrum-shattering volumes.
Originating Date: 12731:05:29
per So'Zen Al Saba,
Erenn Baize,
and Reese Pieces

Turns out that Stiydear Estate used to be a

B'omarr Monastery

as in, information known to your handy neighborhood Jedi Knight and/or Crimson Knight:
A) extract living brain from fleshy origins
B) stick living brain in pickling jar with magic not-bacta red sports drink
C) enjoy the whole No More Pesky Meatbody Distractions thing
D) wouldn't it be nice if everybody was nice?
E) stick Brain-Holding Jar in a powered exoskeleton that is shaped as a
E1) gigantic spider mecha
F) kidnap unsuspecting non-followers
G) put kidnappees' brains in jars full of sports drink
G1) let's put one of our fellow monks in this freshly vacant body!

This would be a Facts flimsicard only Vance Kerplocken found a B'omarr listening bot crawling around.

Originating Date: 12731:05:29

Power usage scan of subterranean vicinity indeed-a-rooney shows BRAIN SPIDER DROIDS napping down yonder.


And then Reese gave step-by-step instructions that should not be done because this is how they get woke up.

DT: Guess we're going on a dungeon crawl.
V: It'd be the responsible thing to do.
DT: Responsible. That's us.
V: We could throw a Purge Fiesta?
DT: I might could get Vorbaize onboard for that!
Originating Date: 12731:05:29

Either Aerena Kolene or Spukamas
or both?
are comfy with inflicting light torture.

I should have known this was possible. Ex-pirates are used to having to humiliate and/or physically force their rivals into compliance. It's part of the social contract in their society.

Fear rather than respect.

I don't want to give either one the impression that I think less of her. Or want to confine her somehow. Because I don't!

But. Fierfek. I can't just pretend this never happened, either. Or that it's peachy by me. Hurting people to get what you want is something people do when they feel powerless. If a badass accomplished fighter pilot is feeling powerless around manacled prisoners, then I missed something important.

Originating Date: 12731:05:29
Dark Troopers
Mark Threes
but the Empire never put them into service. No clones inside... just recorded tactical studies of trooper tactics... records called it 'memory tape transfer'
- Davish gives the necessary info on what we face
Two of them!
Six of them!
With beskar staves stored in their torso for a rainy day!
Update: Solved. Painfully. One blew up.
DT: Owwww!
DT: Doc is going to be so mad about this knife wound.
Originating Date: 12731:05:29
per captured moisture farmers during rescue work
The Tilles Clan kidnapped moisture farmers from the area around Stiydear Estate as disposable laborers.
The labor in question: Shipment crates of weapons meant for the Fremen of the Freedworlds Republic have been "diverted". (Stolen, really. Everyone recognizes that they were stolen. The Fremen are upset about it. Chancellor Kanter sent us, in part, to find out if Vorbaize Clan was doing it and then get them to knock it off.) Those crates get "diverted" to here, in the Needle Forest Smuggler Outpost. Captured farmers are to make certain alterations, then repack the crates.
The alterations described are sabotage.
The crates are going to be left "fallen off the back of a getaway vehicle" in the sands around Port Etmar for Fremen to recover. Weapons will backfire and explode during the next defensive battle.
Update: Partially solved! Since the hired mercenaries' contract stipulates "supervise the weapons being altered", we directed the captives to strip out power packs and backup internal battery from each weapon, then drop into the crate. Fast, safe, grab all including mercenaries, bug out!
Still needs solving: pass the word around, urgently, about sabotage.
Update: Broadcast message to several key network owners on approach to Port Etmar, same evening.
Originating Date: 12731:05:30
  • one page at a time
  • they want their "readers" to bring them all together at a specific location, but the pesky readers keep dying of the ambient corruption
Wow, ask one knowledgeable source if he has handy tips regarding these "pages" and their power down functions, and you receive several urgent
soliloquies to the favorite Sith melody of "Doom; doom; all is doom; everything is awful; all paths lead to tragedy!"
Originating Date: 12731:05:30
  Sir Tam, can't you use your influence to bring the Commander onboard with our whole "maintain digital security for a happy datapad" policy? I have diagrams and example scenarios, if that helps!  
DT: I cannot.
C'mon, you have to have some idea how to make this happen! - G
The security fallout is becoming a unit-wide pain in the shebs. - J
V: The Force shall reveal the time for that sort of thing.
Wait, how is "Nah!" the reasonable answer here? - J
DT: Sorry to disappoint you, Jenkins.
Originating Date: 12731:05:30

Fun fact!

Killian Pirate Clan wear wrist-mounted bracer "stimpacks" that are spice plus Boost!

When Vanya goes all ‘I sense darkness in you!’ I’ve learned that’s the time to makes sure I’ve extra power cells for my blasters - H
Originating Date: 12731:05:30

The Killian nitwits got blueprints for

from the Tenocron Codex.


They decided this was a keen idea!


Keen enough to shove involuntary prisoners into. Not keen enough to don it themselves.


I expect to encounter these again.

Originating Date: 12731:06:06
The long-ago
Jedi Master Shal Artak
  • Battle Master
  • tactician
  • scholar
  • tinker
  • puzzle maker
  • self-selected nemesis of "Darth Tenock" the alleged inventor of the Tenocron Codex, or possibly nemesis of the Codex itself
dismantled the physical storage components of his journal and at least one of his nifty tools. He (or the next figures in his lineage?) distributed his accumulated discoveries across multiple caches concealed in various artifacts, such as a bust of himself that spent a long time in the library of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
Mentat Almon D'Joy is frantic to recover a specific piece of information from Master Artak's experiences. He needs to know where Master Artak fought somebody.
We're going to have to solve enough of this puzzle ourselves to understand what is really going on with d'Joy.
D'Joy is sufficiently convinced that his target is not present that -- after venting some frustration -- he left all of this here for whoever might visit the chamber next.
Originating Date: 12731:06:06
I doubt they actually call it
The Anti-Life Equation
but the Mentat Order has an experimental meditation in the form of a compressed mathematical construct. If I understood the much-simplified explanation given to me later, they call this experiment "a modification to the Thotar Theorem".
All I can explain is how it felt:
It felt like a Matres, a willfully corrupted Bene Gesserit or Adepta Sororitas, rewriting my mind and soul to make me a fountain of entropy.
This is a thing Mentats can transmit in a datapacket?!?
Greelo emailed (while I was in custody of Boba Fett and in transit to Hutt Space) to put me on notice. He plans to pursue one or more of the bounties currently placed on me.
V: Honestly, I have so much going on that I don't care.
Probably I should care.
But let's call this "Problem Number Ninety-Eight"
unless and until
it pops up in front of me.
Vance Kerplocken's new father-in-law is Grakkus the Hutt


This is a collection of heavily-worn small plastic flimsies, each labeled in the upper right corner "Problems", originally written between 15 Elona 12731 and 29 Nelona 12731. It closely references events going back more than those six months -- the Crimson Knights vanished in the last quarter of 12730. These basic notes have been scribbled down and frequently reshuffled by Jedi Knight VN Ysadora and Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam, with many useful or humorous comments from traveling companions.
When time and resources permit, the entire stack gets entered into the shared inventory of Mystic Mob Investigations with some edits on sensitive details, so that it can be organized into a future report to the client.

Document Structure

Publication Status

This stack of flimsiplast segments is private, but easily accessible by anyone determined to get a peek. Its only confidentiality is that it is a physical record instead of a digital one, kept in a memo pocket for one of two individuals, and will eventually be wiped clean for reuse once it is no longer relevant.

Historical Details


On 1 Elona 12731, instead of ringing in the new year, we were on a transport case for a valued client.
We got attacked. The job went wrong.
By 15 Elona, we compiled a mental list of the complications manifesting in this case.
We might have been on Thyferra by the time we decided this list should probably exist in a physical form somewhere, so we could spread it out and look for hidden connections.
VN Ysadora wiped clean some scrap flimsies and started rewriting the whole stack on 17 Telona 12731. It has since been reordered a couple of times, and expanded far past the listed twelve flimsies of that rewrite.
Latest update scrawled during the afternoon of 29 Nelona 12731. More expected by close of date.



Author's Notes

Did I miss any items that should be written out on a flimsi?

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